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Change In Punjabi Entertainment Industry

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Its maybe also the Sikhs who were born post 1984 waking up, the ones who were 'javaan' in 1995-2005 period had seen the 'dark decades' and were too afraid to speak up (the ones who did became Shaheed or went abroad). The ones that are 20-30 now were born around 1985-1995.

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Anno 2003 - Hawayein got banned.

Anno 2013 - They tried to ban Sadda Haq but failed, soon movies like 1984 Punjab and Kaum de Heere (about Shaheed Beant and Satwant Singh) are also releasing.

Inderjit Nikku - he was a mona but he grew back his kesh after reading more into Sikhi. He still trims his beard but Waheguru willing he will grow even closer to the Guru.

KS Makhan - became amritdhari.

Jassi Jasraj - campaigned against vulgarity and started wearing dastaar, singing about Panthic matters.

Raj Kakra - sung many Panthic songs and started wearing a dastaar.

AS Kang - became kesdhari.

Your thoughts?

we need to change the mentality of indian sikh people..I wondered when i went to india for a first time that only jatts and some other upper castes are being considered as sikhs...even though lots of them are mona but still associating them with sikhi means exploitation of sikhism and Murk mat............the truth is something else that we are hiding from the world no doubt....

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an overwhelming support for human rights in outside countries like canada and uk has an influence in India

also the media and internet revolution in india means it harder to keep people in the dark about whats going on, they have access to free media coverage which wasn't previously available. People are more able to communicate news and whats going on in retain areas.

the indian governments lack of action further pushes people to dissent and speak out, and the fact the whole indian system is corrupt and based on money doesn't help

there is not any Sikh who can look at India since independence and not feel any pain for how our people have been treated.

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