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Toronto Man Disrespects Sikh Guru By Wearing Disgusting Halloween Costume And Calling Him Guru

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Bro sikhs don't have ownership over the word "guru" the word has been around for much longer than Sikhi has been.

What is the relevance of him being gay? Would it be OK if he wasn't gay? What hes doing regardless of his sexual orientation shows that he lives in his racist bubble. We should not be responding by sh

That changes it all, if true. Common for these people too attack religion. Dressing up as jesus during gay pride parades. Tolerence to a lot of them only means tolerating gays, nothing else.

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Guest Jacfsing2

The biggest problem was that you mentioned he was "gay", (if you say that it makes us look intolerant to gays, please delete that part so we can sensibly talk about what the Canadians should do about this).

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Wat i dont understand is, his own fb post above, hes mentioned 'mileena', 'shao kahn' and 'neatherrealm'. This is all reference to mortal kombat, a popular computer/videogame, which i enjoy and have the new game of on playstation 4. I have never heard of any asian/sikh characters, so this it seems to be some battyboy makin up a scenario. After seein sunnys 3rd post, it kind of cinfirms that, and seein wat this ganduu is doin, its clear he needs a slap. Jus like feminists, these lgbt/poofs have taken their actions too far, and almost goin against their own initial beliefs. So its not ok to discriminate/make fun against gays (correct), but then lets dress up characters that we KNOW will offend ppl of religion n make fun of them.

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