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Insulting Sikhism


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Why the hell should we ever first of all watch this stupid video, and the homosexual main actor in it?

It is utter rubbish. What goodness can ever this manmukh have, who does not even know the basics of spirituality.

He dresses as a woman in order to devote himself to his deity Krishna.

That also when the average people know that soul or atma and Paramatma God have no genders...

It is sickening to see people who are mentally handicaped and are foolishly set out to give gyan to the world.

If it depended on me, I would urgently admit him in a psychiatric hospital.

And the worst thing to top his nonsense, he is criticizing and gossiping some incidents with sikhs.

Salaa hijra...huh

Sat Sree Akal.

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Guest Jacfsing2

Just let the issue die down, he was never popular and nobody knows who he is. (Seriously this is like Sunny Hundal, who is only popular because we have gave him any attention).

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