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Why Didn't "low-caste" People In India Become Sikh?

Guest Jacfsing2

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Guest Jacfsing2

If we got Khalistan right now. It would be packed up with the type of stuff we see in that video I previously posted.

That's the truth. And it's not Hindus making us act like this, or anyone else from outside. This behaviour stems from our own communities ego.

Do you have any idea about how many apnay (covertly) hold really disgusting, inhumane views about people they deem to be beneath them in caste? It's not some tiny minority. This is another one of those white elephants in the corner of Sikh room that everyone ignores.

Do you really expect me to show any sort of unity with such people? They deeply disgust me.

You do realize some of the people who believe in caste are also the ones RSS can easily brainwash? Many of them would give Badal a siropa, While a GurSikh would never give him a Siropa: http://m.hindustantimes.com/punjab/sikh-priest-denies-siropa-to-cm-badal-transferred/story-leIRNJgqLsj41ymmaLtY1N.html . Not only that but many of the Shaheeds for Khalistan have never mentioned Khalistan, (I don't recall Sukhdev Singh Babbar ever promoting caste). I mostly blame the Black Cats and the RSS, (caste already died from the coming of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, so it had to be revived from the outside). When the kingdom of Banda Singh Bahadur came there wouldn't be any of this Pakhand, (through Ranjit Singh wanted his own manmat in a kingdom).
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The Gurbani Sahib ji presented states that caste hierarchy(ego) has no importance, but does that mean we have lost all ties to our tribes? Skin color and gender was only discussed because someone has specifically brought up the issue to me. Hurting people's feelings is the main point of why a lot of people are feeling negative about castes. If you are interested, you can read my replies to others which might help you see what I am trying to convey to everyone judging. Ego may be present in any vastu or status, the status or item which someone possesses may not be wrong, what is wrong is when someone uses their ego to hurt other people's feelings by making anyone feel inferior to themselves. This is where nimrata comes into play, which is a key factor in a Gurmukh. Nimrata can be present while keeping your identity.

what you do not understand is THIS : amrit is how a sikh becomes a sikh , amrit destroys ALL previous allegiances to tribe, to caste even to family and binds us to Akal Purakh alone , our birthplace becomes Anandpur Sahib our family becomes Guru Gobind SIngh ji and Mata Sahib Kaur ji and our siblings the Khalsa our goth is Singh or Kaur and our jaat is Humanity. If that does not satisfy you then maybe you need to look at yourself deeper.

Caste is a manmade construct to consolidate Brahmin power structure , where spiritual knowledge and social freedom is locked away for those at the bottom of the pyramid. It is used to allow oppression of fellow human beings without guilt ...I mean a high caste person can kill a 'low caste' or 'untouchable' and not earn the same sin as killing an animal ? how is that not a perversion of Akal Purakh's justice and law? It is not even logical, in the Bhagats we can see Namdev who wanted to enter the Temple to praise Akal Purakh but the pandit stopped him because of his jaat, so he went around to the back of the temple and prayed there . Akal Purakh hearing his devotion moved the temple entrance around to where Namdev stood . There are many 'low caste' bhagats who achieved status of brahmgiani despite their religion's pronouncements that they needed to be twice born ....Lose the shallow philosophy and deal in reality , whosoever listens, understands and lives in Hukham will discover Guru's dwar.

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Adding onto this;

Preeet, on 02 Jun 2016 - 09:57, said:

" This is where nimrata comes into play, which is a key factor in a Gurmukh. Nimrata can be present while keeping your identity."

No nimarta cannot be present, whilst keeping your identity, but goes out of the window as one would not let go what the Gurus have told us to let go (caste) and not to be proud of. Ahankar only comes whilst keeping your caste, I meant, mistype.

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Caste doesn't signify one's 'identity' in any way.

Does it represent ethnicity? No, Jatts, Tarkhans, Gujjars, all look identical to one another.

Does it represent profession? No, not all Jatts are farmers, not all Tarkhans carpenters, not all Sikligars weaponsmiths.

Does it represent social standing? No, there are plenty of rich chamaars, and plenty of dirt poor Jatts.

So which facet of one's identity does their caste represent? - None, it is completely random and arbitrary. Once upon a time some snooty Bahmans just decided that some people were high caste and others low caste for no obvious reason at all, and look at all the suffering that's ensued across the centuries as a direct consequence of this inconsistent rubbish. Carrying it on makes no sense.

If memory serves right Guru Gobind Singh Ji instructed us to NOT believe in any of those scriptures and put our faith entirely in Guru Sahib. The same Guru who said the Khalsa is casteless but we have idiots who clinge to it as most likely its the only thing in their life that brings them any joy.

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Agreed with what you are saying, but we do not simply discard the past. We still owe allegiance to our biological parents and family, as we might do with our culture. We do regard our biological parents as our parents as well though. As we may do with our native culture. The difference is that we look at everything as equal, not smaller or bigger after initiating into Khalsa.

God your stupid, no you don't. Guru Gobind Singh Ji said to stop following Vedas and any other scripture, they are the ones who started this caste nonsense. Everything about the Khalsa is no caste. IF Maharani Jind rejected the very son she lost for decades because he converted out of Sikhism (she disowned him on the spot) how on earth would ANY loyalty to ANY parent or offspring of discard their sikhi exist.

Surname is synonymous with lineage WHICH is allowed, So tell me what Caste does the surname baxter,Jones or even Smith belong to?

As usual you are debunked by everyone who clearly knows more than you but your so lost in your own little web of lies that you wont even admit it lool.

You're nothing more than demented freak who's in love with Casteism. Honestly you just broke your own rehit (since you claim to be amritdhari) so please do us all a favour and leave us alone. Nice of you to consider Amrit water (if we go by Bhai Daya Singh Ji's hukamnama)

absolute scum lol.

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To add weight to this stupid argument started by this moronic, caste obsessed cretin I'd like to present this from the Rehit.


Page 22.

And here it is in English

. You have become the pure Khalsa, having renounced your previous lineage, professional background, calling (occupation), beliefs, that is, having given up all connections with your caste, descent, birth, country, religion, etc.. You are to worship none except the One Timeless Being - no god, goddess, incarnation or prophet. You are not to think of anyone except the ten Gurus and anything except their gospel as your savior. You are supposed to know Gurmukhi (Punjabi alphabet). (If you do not, you must learn it). And recite, or listen in to the recitation of, the under mentioned scriptural compositions, the daily repetition of which is ordained, every day:

and again from the Damdami Taksaal too.

The Jathedar of the Panj Pyare is to utter the Fateh, as is the tradition from Satguru’s time, and congratulate the ‘new’ initiates. He also says, "Khalsa Jee, many of you are blessed for on this day you have received Satguru Jee’s gift of Amrit. You have shaken off the influence of Guruless people. You now belong to the Guru. From this day forward, you are the sons and daughters of the Guru, and your mind, body and wealth belong to the Guru. Having taken the Guru’s Amrit, your previous caste, family name and sins are no more. Your previous life is finished and today you have taken birth in the House of the Guru. You are all now part of the Khalsa family:

Every single Rehit in existence has these words as Uttered by the Master. If anyone is trying to preaching the Caste System exists in Sikhism and has even an iota of importance, they should be expelled from the Panth.

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Guest Jacfsing2

Agreed with what you are saying, but we do not simply discard the past. We still owe allegiance to our biological parents and family, as we might do with our culture. We do regard our biological parents as our parents as well though. As we may do with our native culture. The difference is that we look at everything as equal, not smaller or bigger after initiating into Khalsa.

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh, if you are going to be proud of your ancestors you should be proud of their qualities that made them righteous, not something they have no control over. There is a difference between the two, that's the same as being proud of something you have no control over, which is just wrong. If you want to be proud of your biological parents, then be proud of their qualities, not their caste as they had no control over this man-made system by a religion they had no control over. Also, what if your ancestors were a different religion, would you retain that as well and be a Hindu-Sikh, or a Muslim-Sikh, or a Christian-Sikh? Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
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Vaheguru ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji Ki Fateh ji. That is very true Singh ji. We do not have control on many things from birth, but that does not mean they don't hold any significance to us even later in life. Endorsing pride over caste is nothing that I advocate. Saying that it isn't real, or calling the culture a fairy tale is what is wrong. I've always had respect for you because of your qualities as well. Indeed your intellect is higher than many posters in this site, who are not even worthy of a reply since they do not even live by Sikhi.

And what significance does caste hold later on in life exactly?

Obviously you have a lot of nirmata, (not) by seeing who does and does not have high intellect lol.

Caste is nothing but a fairy tale, something you preach, fairy tales.

It is of importance, that is why in Gurbani Sahib ji people regard themselves of their caste as well. Or else if caste wasn't even a thing in our religion it would not even be regarded as so.

What? People? Caste is not part of Sikhi, wake up and get that bit right at least.

First of all, I have no idea what the text which I have italicized means, so if you may fix it for everyone's betterment. Not all castes work that way (regarding the example used by you). I have heard it many times in Gurbani Sahib ji where bhagats regard themselves by their CASTE, NOT LINEAGE. CASTE does exist even in Gurbani Sahib ji. What the difference is is that my beloved Sri Guru Sahib ji preaches equality, which is SATYA. If our dharam was against this, then why is caste even mentioned of people, if it "doesn't exist" or is "man made". Example:

Page 346, Line 3

ਮੇਰੇਰਮਈਏਰੰਗੁਮਜੀਠਕਾਕਹੁਰਵਿਦਾਸਚਮਾਰ ॥੪॥੧॥

Mere ram▫ī▫e rang majīṯẖ kā kaho Raviḏās cẖamār. ||4||1||

The color of my Lord's Love, however, is permanent, like the dye of the madder plant. So says Ravi Daas, the tanner. ||4||1||

Devotee Ravidas

Thanks for the kind words, we can all see what kind of a Sikh you are now. "hum nehi chunge, bura nehi koi" is obviously not what you live by.

Do you even bother reading who put the Bhagat ji's bani in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji ? And why caste names are in Gurbani? Obviously not!

Yes Guru Ji tell us of equality, but it doesn't mean to be proud of one's caste.

You need to read, read and read again what the interpretations are. It's not difficult to understand, since you think those with low intellect are not worthy of a reply, at least they know why caste names are in Gurbani. You on the other hand don't. And even after so many people have explained to you, you still do not want to understand.

Simple solution for you to understand without anybody telling you is read Gurbani and contemplate it. If there is anything you do not understand then feel free to ask, somebody with high intellect if you wish, they will help you with it.

Caste mentioned in Gurbani is not to tell us to hold onto it, but I will leave it to you to work it out, because you know everything ?

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