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12 hours ago, parmjit10 said:

You don't have knowldege of what they do they never been to school like you. They are uneducated like you. You scared of the police when they beat you with sticks then you run away to hide. You are fake with no prooof dumb.

Weak post, try again

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7 hours ago, parmjit10 said:

you a bimbo then for not understanding what i wrote then. you do'nt like police in india they beat you then you run away to western country to hide. you nothing only a coward bimbo retard.

This poster is very offended by my remarks of Punjab police.  I'm guessing she may be married to one or have one in the family.  Her English is horrible, which says she may be from India.  Or may be a Punjab police officer herself.  Punjab police is not an independent force when it comes to protecting certain groups.  They are the lap dogs of the elite and politicians.  Corruption is strongly embedded into as its the ruling hand of the land.  When Punjab police get beat up.  The community views it as a victory and fully support it.  

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1 hour ago, parmjit10 said:

you said to jvklondon you're bimbo fiendish friend hear, this below, read this to know you're a bimbo retard

How convenient for you to trust the police now.  Does the police have some hidden audio recorder in the attackers mouth or put in his brain.  

everyone knows you police yourself then or what? how you know theys have hidden audio recorder in the attackers mouth then or put in his brain then? you police thats why you know all this then, why you tell lies to everyone on this forum you not indian police hear? you such a dumb bimbo to be in a f----ng indian police quietly hiding behind you're keybord to make you're fool. hello Mr indian copper enuch with tight panties on with two fat bimbo pigtails on you're head why you're hiding now to making bimbo crap posts retard?


I don't need you to  say anything on my behalf, to people I can actually talk with  like an adult. Take your pocket money and your ripoff priced Hinglish and ho jo 9,2, 11

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