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Converting North India

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1 hour ago, proactive said:

Typical AKJ hogwash. For people who have changed Kesh to Keshki you have some nerve complaining about changing Khalsa Rehat. 

first was a fact seperate from any AKJ thing  it happened in 1931

second was an incident documented in Bhai sahib's auto biography which was a regular occurence in gurdwarey previously controlled by mahants and was fought against by respected gursikhs everywhere including kartar Singh Jhabbar as mentioned in another thread .

My MUm remembers bazurg who had amrit there with small dastars  you can believe what you like but fact is Guru Pita tied dastar to Mai Bhago's head before giving her Khande di pahul . Either way you have to keep your kesh clean , tied on dasam duar , and covered

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