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Veg village food ( youtube channel)

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Maybe she likes cooking and see it as a hobby than work. Its actually better to keep active and do something in your old as you  keep your brain active and have less chance of developing dementia

This bebe from a pind makes everything! cakes, pizza, pasta, jalebi, samosa everything, and massive portions of it too lol    at the end they give the food to the poor children. i really wanna tr

That's not a jalebi but a jalebaa!

Guest AjeetSinghPunjabi
32 minutes ago, Punjabiwolves said:

LOL look at the size of that chocolate cake. can't be good for your health thou. too much sugar

thats for an entire corporate floor lol ! when 100 people eat it , its ok I guess for each lol 

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Having travelled extensively throughout India and sampling many different restaurants and roadside dhabas.  I can honestly say the best meal I had was at a Punjabi restaurant. In te middle of nowhere. 

I was on route to Jalandhar or somewhere near there. When out of know where stumbled on Lucky restaurant. Anyone been there. 

Very good mix veg. Maybe because its fresh from the local area. 


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Guest Guest

Maybe some people here have missed the point of what Granny and her helpers are achieving. They are feeding the poor... hardly think the amount of sugarin the cake is their first thought!  How the privileged think!

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