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What are you reading these days?


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I thought I'd start a thread so we could share interesting books we are reading. They don't have to be Sikhi orientated.


I'm currently reading: Frances Kray: The Tragic Bride by Jacky Hyams



I grew up in the East End of London and the legend of the Kray twins is one that is part of the local folklore. I started reading narratives that went past the image they so successfully created for themselves with a book called Bringing Down The Krays: Finally the truth about Ronnie and Reggie by the man who took them down by Bobby Teale. 

The book about Frances is very interesting in many respects because it gives an account of the young wife of Reggie Kray and how she was drawn into the twins world which ultimately led to her premature demise. It also gives a fascinating account of East London during and immediately after WW2 going to the 60s (the author and her family grew up in that period), which is the period immediately preceding my own families (granddad's) arrival into the area. I recommend it for anyone who grew up in the area, and also for people to learn how the attraction of power and success can entice young innocent girls into a violent world they can't escape from. 

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18 minutes ago, Not2Cool2Argue said:

I think it was totally justifiable for him to hate the Indian mutiny. We Sikhs ourselves were pretty against it as no Sikhs joined in. 

Also it was the Indian military against civilians. That's pretty horrific.. I think the Hindus and Muslims soldiers killed a lot of women and children of Lucknow. That would make anyone angry. 

Yeah his letter is pretty genocidal. But I can see why he would write that. He probably thought military trained men targeting women and families pretty despicable  thing for a  people to do. 

Also, i think we as Sikhs have been taught the lesson of balance and truth multiple times. Even if someone is bad, their body of work shouldn't be discounted. Look at aurangzeb, guruji noticed his piety, skills in battle etc in zafarnama. 

I probably did go overboard yesterday. ??

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