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Guest jigsaw_puzzled_singh

Sh$t that White People do - end of year re-cap

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20 hours ago, Guest guest singh said:

tym to bring things bk to op n point of thread

wat numba r we on now?

#99 | wen whitey feels the need to tell a sikh wat a sikh already knows

so op was hopin for a recommendation on which gurdwara in london was suitable along wiv any potential costs of a visit/tour

two simple things

rather than give any helpful or useful advice on either of em the forum resident redneck from usa cnt help his inherently arrogant patronising n hypocritical nature by tellin the op whos been a sikh long before hed even heard of this faith wat he shud do instead

sum ppl jus cnt help themselves

white ppl

You offered advice on which Gurudwara?

You don't think ops friend would get a warm welcome everywhere?

If no, which Gurudwara and why?

Wanna see a redneck look in your own eye. 

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Guest Jigsaw_Puzzled_Singh

$h11t that white people do #99:

Rip brown babies from their brown mothers. Lock those brown babies in cages like dogs. Reluctantly let them out of the cages after an international outcry but now, because you didn't even bother tracking which brown baby you were ripping from the arms of which brown mother you have no family to re-unite the brown baby with. Find a solution to this problem by locking those brown babies in indefinite concentration camps. Deny them basics like soap and toothpaste as these are just luxuries and these are just brown babies we are talking about. As increasing numbers of those brown little children die in those concentration camps from complications such as the flu, deny those little brown children the flu jab. Let them die. Then, when hundreds of Doctors from all over the country become so enraged they give up their time and money to descend on the concentration camps  just to save the lives of those precious little brown children by giving them flu jabs - arrest all the doctors and call them radical thugs. This, is truly $h11t that white people do and, given a chance, they'd do it to your little brown baby too.




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Guest jigsaw_puzzled_singh
1 hour ago, Redoptics said:

Why don't you turn the topic on its head, and say <banned word filter activated> <banned word filter activated> that Sikhs do?

Why don't you, if it interests you so much ?  It'd probably be the most interested thing you've ever said if you do.

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