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Political agendas, , PR agendas, BS in our Community

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Sonam Bajwa has never hid shes not christian..all over the social media shes thanking Jesus Bibile quotes wearing crossess...in her recent interview on youtube she said she very proud to be christian and she proud to represent Punjab christians (wft?!...smh)....her original name she has a kaur too..Half of Punjab in converting to Christianity (sad)...there are few other actress/models from Punjab who are also christian...even when i went to Punjab 2 years ago i was shocked to see how much Punjabi Jatt Male have converted to Christianity with huge tattoos of crosses on their arms..ironic thing is you have these Punjabi directors/actors who are Sikhs like Ammy Virk Diljit etc...and you have Christians milking off Punjabi film industry thanking Jesus ...making alot of $$$ thanking Jesus..they happy to wear suits, talk punjabi, be with with films music videos...and they thank Jesus..It just shes become a poster girl of all Punjabi films ..shes in all major films make $$$ why cant these directors actors have Punjabi Sikh actresses ?! Like Mandy Thakar, Simi Chahal, Himanshi Khurana (whos really beautiful), Nimrat Khaira (shes really talented and beautiful) like theres so many why sonam the postergirl...i dont expect these Actress to be Gursikhs or film industry (ow they wouldn't be actresses or models) but rather have them representing Punjab film and Music rather than those who exploit Punjab _punjabi culture and than thank Jesus ...

Please can you ALL check out this twitter page 


and see this 


Its Sad...to say the least ...this is why i wrote that doc ...

What do you guys think of what else i said about Khalsa Aid etc 

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On 6/7/2019 at 5:32 PM, MisterrSingh said:

Dally's playing innocent like he doesn't know. 😂

Seriously I don't know. I mean I only watched a Panjabi film (well half of it) after 20/15 years the other day (Udta Punjab). Can you imagine my shock! The last time I watched them, it was all about Gurdas Maan fannying about in the khets of the pend, singing folk songs and gallantly combating the rich, spoilt village balatkaar. 

Have to say Udta Punjab did sort of more accurately portray aspects of apna society though - especially the swearing. 

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