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A Guru Nanak Glossary - Christopher Shackle

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30 minutes ago, jkvlondon said:

Naam is reality or hakikat and nahi is an active iteration of the naam Upon which everything relies I have a feel this is the way my heartlinked it to onkaar...what do you reckon?


Naam seems to imply all of Waheguru and the mystical way Waheguru underpins all of creation? It's also the vehicle for us to connect to Akal Purakh. I also think that this is why satnaam comes straight after Ik Oankar.

When I look at many of the pauris preceding the pangtis we've been looking at, it all seems to revolve around an exploration of naam?



P.s. I understand the mood of the pangti as bismaad roop of nahi hitting the soul and the heart asking the rhetorical questions to which Guruji warns us not kidding ourselves that we could know under our own jor

Yeah, it seems to unscores the sheer futility of trying to find the borders or limits of this naam (and by essence Akal Purakh), and it is a warning against trying such a thing and how this will be detrimental to our spiritual growth. 

I think it also gives a good reason of why we should keep our spiritual states gupt too. When we try and give verbal accounts, we're destined to fail. 

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