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Iran, the US,Jews and The Simpsons predicting the future

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Do you guys think USA plans to invade Iran? 

First there was the drone strike and Iran stopping oil carriers in the Strait of hormuz where 20% of the world's oil passes through - https://www.eia.gov/todayinenergy/detail.php?id=7830

I'd like to point out that the strait of hormuz is like a key strategic access point that could be fought over in a global conflict, like in World War 1 you had the Dardenelle straits, in World War 2 you had the Suez Canal. maybe in world war 3 you'd have the strait of hormuz. 

The US

Also doesn't it seem odd that USA is so concerned by a possible Iran attack on Saudi Arabia to the point of imposing furthersanctions? I mean what business should the Us have with that when the Saudis are the victims. I've thought that perhaps Usa or the saudis attacked the plant to further conflict with Iran, but I'm not really sure.

Do you guys think this is part of a larger plan where usa plans to invade 7 countries: Iraq,Somalia,Libya, Syria, Sudan,Lebanon,Yemen

Sometimes I think there's no difference in Trump and Obama,in that they're planted politicians.They both seem to be taking steps in the 7 country invasion plan. Look at the first link below for more detailed info. Click the first link that pops up in the search bar if you don't have those ad results. I tried pasting the link directly but it doesn't seem to successfully redirect you to the reddit thread. 


The Jews

Also doesnt trump seem to be leaning towards Jewish interests and pro-Israel?

I mean isnt it convenient for Israel that middle eastern countries surrounding it are being invaded by USA and having "democracy spread" for their benefit?

Here's a video about Trump and the Jews, like always do your own research and point out anything you find interesting here. 


The Simpsons

I mean the Simpsons predicted Trump would be president back in the year 2000. Surprisingly, they  also predicted he would crash the economy and you see reports of the coming 2020 recession. 

here's the simpson clip and below that is the link to the full episode. Below that is more of the same kind if you're interested.


Simpsons jokes that Pakistan nukes India from the same episode where trump is predicted president: 


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Yh I think theres a major war coming up soon    things are boiling up between Iran and Saudi and America keeps stirring the pot.   The middle east is gonna collapse.   Trump loves jews   his own daughter converted and married a jewish man. 

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I think the jews are gonna build there temple soon as well   they've already started gathering material 

But they gonna need to demolish that mosque first on the temple mount.  

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Thank Waheguru that our pendus aren't in the desperate and ignorant position of the past when they'd jump into these foreign jungs and totally take their eyes off what was going on in their own homeland/backyard.

If war does break out, there will probably be blow back against some Sikhs due to a general rise in 'anti-brown' racism as well as the usual ignorant 'mistaken identity' issue Sikhs have with sullay in various parts of the world. 

All brothers and sisters should be ready to hold strong defensive positions in this potential situation. We should also be VERY careful about scared or opportunistic sell outs from amongst us, especially when they inevitably get masqueraded around like lackey tokens. Like the 'donkeys' in The war for the planet of the apes.

Great film to watch, if you haven't already!



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2 hours ago, Redoptics said:

I'll tell you something these tv shows and movies do not predict anything,  the elite are telling you what they are doing.

Yeah the idea is predictive programming, where these elites tell the public directly but subtly to prepare them for further manipulation. 



This whole video is about 9/11 being 'predicted' in all media forms starting in the 1970's. There's also the point that we have a culture that dismisses anything of this sort as conspiracy leading to ridicule,when it's mass manipulation of the public.

How much more is out there that we really don't know,that we never will know? 

I mean for technology, Nikola Tesla predicted the existence of cell phones 100 years ago and he had some method of giving electricity to the whole world for free wirelessly, but then big oil companies like Rockfeller suppressed his project and the government supposedly took the blueprints away.

Then you have stuff like this popping up.

Even virtual reality was in development in the 50's.



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    • Yeah heard many variations of this sakhi. Do you know what the actual source is? The point I was making is, throughout ithiaas, when Maharaaj seeked to change something, especially as big of a sanskaar as this, things have been clearer. I just find it odd that there isn't any Bani with the Sakhi - and - that a marriage ceremony came up only at the time of Guru Ramdas Ji. Big gap. Something doesn't quite add up. Hmm possibly with regards to the Pandit, although Vedic Saloks whilst walking around a Gutka? Idk about that.   Nobody is fooling themselves. For some reason, and I don't actually know why, you want the fire to be representitive of Agni Devta. A fire can symbolise many things. Meanings and definitions change (as is the case for many things within Sikhi itself); it doesn't necessarily mean it's anthropomorphized or personified in the way you want it to be. This is the same level of reasoning people use to reject the use of jyot (and other practises in common) in Gurdwaras.   I've always said, that if Namdharis were normal Sikhs, they would be one of the most rehitvaan, shardavaan Sampardas we have. Their Maryada is solid and they have many good qualities which they put into practise. Plus their Nitnem is big. I've been to Bhaini Sahib and it's really quite a sight. They have this little building where non-stop Jaap/Simran has been going on since like the 1920s. SGGSJ was prakash in one of the buidings as well; was some kinda of triple Akhand Paath going on. And fyi Ajeet, they do believe in Amrit Sanchar and Panj Kakkar, however they don't wear the Kirpan - they were banned from keeping Shastar during Brit rule and for some unbeknownst reason continued to stay without them. They have kept many Puratan traditions going. It's a shame they've fallen in other areas. And before anyone says it, no I am not promoting Namdharis or letting their manmat views off.
    • If I started this topic why does it bother u ? U probably thought I worship radasoami thete are so many fake babe in sikhi to making up fake storylines and confusing khalsa panth  
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    • Mate,   did you ask sikhs permission or her families permission when you entered into a relatioship with her ? If you go to smagams and have such high respect for our Guru sahiban and bani - why dont you embrace Sikhi altogether ? Does the religion matter or are you overcome by lust ? Seems like the latter is more applicable in your case. Fruitcake

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