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First and foremost, it's extremely important they pick up English. I will assume they know a little since they're here. English people MAY hire them if their English is decent. 

Second, ENCOURAGE them to look for better jobs as they do not wanna be banged up in a desi factory all their life. Pick up exp from desi then 6 - 12 months down they wanna go in for an English ran factory. 

SIA Course! Yes, it's a licence that needs paying for every two years. However, it's worth it!!! Whether Door Supervisor or CCTV monitor doesn't matter. Get them in such courses for security. From experience, Security roles are hard but if we talk about management, more pay and easy going role??? SIA is it. And apne have extreme patience and integrity for such roles (being their for the Business, understanding going above hours). 

Also if possible get them into construction (harder for female possibly)??? But if they can work in construction they then require CSCS License (literally like car theory, study book, apply for test then get CSCS license on pass). Construction is always contract due to nature of role but a lot of move around the country. 

I guess wha am saying is... THINK BIG!!! Factory (especially desi factory) is a mere starting point and only good for income. Encourage them to go and think huge!!! 

FINAL TIP: Tell them to think huge in about 8 months time from now. They only just got in the UK so their mind and heart will not be in ANYTHING, let alone someone telling them to think big. LOL not your fault at all but they will badly miss their family and absolutely hate UK mainly as it's a begana country to them. Once they're happy, having fun then move in with wha I just said. 



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