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PIZZAGATE, Yewtree, peodophilia


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    • Search for "Tahmasp Khan" on the internet and you may find his autobiography. He was a Persian General in Nader Shah's army.
    • I saw that picture too and i think what you are saying is correct. If you look at him during his younger years he was quite thin and his beard too was of unequal length and sparse which happens to people who never cut or shave their hair/beard but during the later photos his body looks like that of someone who has been using steroids and gyming and also his beard looked thicker and even which can only happen when you grow a beard after shaving.
    • i think that picture is real and not photoshopped.
    • I don't really believe in the western concept of dating, but if they are openly doing the 4 Bhujer Kurehits they simply aren't compatible with someone who doesn't do the 4 Bhujer Kurehits. It's easy to be friends with them, but when there isn't a compatibility spiritually; where does it actually go?
    • Would you ever date a non religious person? I am not speaking about an atheist, but more so someone who is not very religious. Let’s say they let you stay close to your religion & culture and are ok with passing down your culture/values to future children. Do you think that’s ok? I think I’ve met the perfect person however he’s not very religious. He belongs to a different culture however our cultures are similar and compatible. All of my values line up and they are extremely respectful.
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