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4 hours ago, TuhadaDaas said:

I have noticed quite a few nihang Singhs seem to wear a ring on the finger. Mostly seems to be sarbloh. What is the significance of wearing this?



I have no idea. But oddly enough I was just thinking about that after reading in Vaara Bhai Gurdas Ji in the 8th Vaar I think something about the tiniest finger is adorned with the ring?

The pinky finger is the most important finger in swordsmanship also. And It made me curious is there is an advantageous way to use a ring and sword in combination that would benefit the strike or the finger of the swordsman the grip maybe?

It even got me thinking what if the ring and pommel both had like gear grooves cut into them so the ring would actually lock into the handle on the stroke?

No idea if that pertains to Nihang Singhs and their rings.....

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