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Mool Mantar Sant Gurbachan Singh English


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3 hours ago, Redoptics said:

Well, what if the person has memory problems, and can not memorize, are you saying they can't become a Sikh or is a useless Sikh.


Where is this from?

'Guru Ji also says The individual who forgets Jap Ji knowing it divinity is commiting sucide by jumping into the lowest pits of hell'




By forgot I mean not recite. The person forgots Japji and lives in Maya

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1 hour ago, Arsh1469 said:

By forgot I mean not recite. Me forgots Japji and lives in Maya

No , you said the following, meaning if I don't memorize Japji Sahib I'm useless.

What i want to know is, where does Guru Ji say this.

'Kavi Santhok Singh Ji says about Japji Sahib In the way a rice husk is useless without a grain of rice, a Sikh is useless without having memorized Japji Sahib.'



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