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South Asian man killed


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2 minutes ago, intrigued said:

There were 2 girls, one could have easily pressed the pedal while the other held the driver back with a weapon

Just looked at the video closely, one of the girls presses the guys leg while he is getting it and takes control of the wheel with the other hand.

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This whole incident is surreal, from the way it played out to the way it was filmed, I'm not one for conspiracies but i'll leave that topic for another day.

The fact that people would rather film than try to help in some way in truly a sad sign of the times, the guy went to another country to try and make a better life for him and his family back home and this is what happens to him, humanity has well and truly left the building.

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15 minutes ago, kcmidlands said:

The fact that people would rather film than try to help in some way in truly a sad sign of the times

It is the culture nowadays, the gov is slowly getting rid of good samaritan laws in the US. All that ppl can do now is record if something bad is happening.

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9 minutes ago, kcmidlands said:

It's not just in the US, it's the same in the UK, I'll always ask if i can help if someone is in trouble or look's distressed, I was bought up that way but lately it seems that I'd probably get in more trouble if I helped rather than just leave the situation alone, it's a sorry state of affairs.

I'd be worried about a 'trap' ; I think a lot of people are wary that the 'situation' they find is actually a setup and they could find themselves the victim of a crime

Also, you don't know if you try to help and make it worse you could be sued etc

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