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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

hits mr singh ,akal purakh di fauj and singhstah, all of whom are paneer fantics. They are in extreme ecstasy because of the paneer and become like wat popeye becomes with spinach. They take out everyone except _________

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MEHTAB SINGH! ohmy.gifohmy.gifohmy.gifohmy.gifohmy.gifohmy.gifohmy.gifohmy.gifohmy.gif

Mehtab is left alone, at which time:

(this is a musical....this is mehtab singh's soliloque/musical solo)

Oh, thy troubles outweigh thy happiness

One, who must be attacked by the sweetest of sabjis

Paneer, by any other name, would taste just as beautiful.

Oh Gur

preet, Oh Gurpreet...wherefore art though Gurpreet

Thy shiny dastaar, filled with yellow polkadots is the object of thine desires

to wear that dastaar would complete my dressage

Oh the sadness, oh the sadness of a clown in baana,

Poncho pants rarely fit on and over thine chola.

Thus, Thine, Thy, Thou, Therefore and Hither Not!

I shall, I shall, refuse to succumb

the dastaar WILL BE MINE! (the last three words said with utmost anger)

(AUTHORS NOTE: That was the soliloquy...the musical solo follows NOW)

(to the tune of mary had a little lamb)

Oh my lord, there it goes, there it goes, my heavenly nose

Oh my lord, there it goes, that dastaar is so nice

Black and Yellow and Blue and Red...Blue and Red... On my head

Black and Yellow and Blue and Red, for it, i'd pay any price!

I'd wear it for those little kids, the ones that i love to play with

I'd wear it for those little kids, finally someone would love me!

iI'd be the most popular clown in town, clown in town, upside down..

And my wishes would finally come true, someone would finally love me!

(audience says: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww)

then he throws in another song:

Oh i wish i were an Yves Soy Based Veggie Burger Patty

That is what i truly want to beeeeeeeeeeee

Cuz if i were an Yves Soy Based Veggie Burger Patty


after his solos, mehtab was joined in the room by ________ who hear his last song and commented with UTMOST sarcasm: ".......

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Mr Singh then decides to steal the monkey and the kangwoooo and runaway to England to sell this amazing monkey so he can buy more kangawoo's but does not remember that the Kangwoo he already has, has got a precious special diamond in his pocket _______

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At this point in time, the monkey steals the magical wand that vikram has and starts to run off. Knowing that if it got into the wrong hands, they could do some really sick things, like bomb countries, destroy species, and hide the remote from everyone. He starts running off after him, but the monkey starts banging the wand every which way, and creates a wall of ice between him and vikram. Desperate to get his wand back, he scales the humongous ice wall with the help of.....

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All of a sudden the Pink Power Ranger comes in and gets rid of the monkey... she said "haaawww.... i cant believe this.... ".....

then all of a sudden the wonder woman comes in and Mkhalsa takes one look at her and says... "Sharam nehi aundi... hanji? han ji?"

then mkhalsa's wife (kuljot singh) says.... Nope grin.gif


then the pink rangers throws a bata of paneer in their face and laughs histerically till they get sick and their faces turn blue...

then the pink ranger_______......

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