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  2. Now I am wondering who's actually behind this attack ? muslims, or someone who wants sikhs to hate muslims ?!!
  3. I've tried all my strength but I can't get in contact with him as he's blocked all ways. I have to honestly put my hands up and say I do not know what else I can physically do. I have no option but to surrender to guru sahib. I do believe that ardas and benti Can make the impossible possible because at the end of the day we're all God's Children's. I know waheguru ji has given us free will but I believe that in this era we're surrounded by kalyug and sometimes when your bani/meditation lacks kalyug gets to your mind. I know I can't force my hubby to change his mind however I can pray for him and ask maharaj to protect him from kalyug infecting his mind so that he can realise his mistakes. Laavan are very powerful and two people who are connected with laavan do have some sort of spiritual connection/authority over each other. Similarly a parent and child are closely connected too, my parents have been praying for my brother and I have seen a drastic change in him. I remember a while back when everything was going good, we did parshada for 5 Singh's, one Singh mentioned how his daughter has took amrit but her husband wouldn't change his path. She began doing ardas for him at Amrit vela to protect him from kalyugs influences and she was successful. Guru sahib says 'Jo mange Takhur apne te soee soee deve' they also say 'har har Tera naam hai dukh metanhaara'..... So my ardas is 'har ju rakh leo patt meri' .... I know for a fact waheguru jis words cannot be lies so the lack is in me, I hope with the sangats blessings and waheguru jis mercy my prayer will be fulfilled.
  4. Yes, shows that we cannot trust anyone from other religious groups
  5. Today
  6. A marriage is built on love, trust, respect etc. both parties need to have these for each other. We dictate our lives, not the universe so you and your partner need to actively put these qualities into action. God is not going to make someone love you respect you and you can’t force them as we have been blessed with free will. Do your best and encourage your partner to do the same Actively. When you build a house, you don’t sit around praying that God will build it for you. You actively get up, take the bricks and build with your own hands. If you want your marriage, work on it and teach your husband about respect. Love, cherishing, to not be sexist and treat each other well. Nothing is guaranteed but at least you both would have tried.
  7. Sometimes we lose the way and sight of what we need. The Gurus asked God to help guide them across the burning world ocean. Just do and ardas and ask
  8. You really shouldn’t be so hostile on a forum like this, it kind of defeats the purpose. Take care and goodluck.
  9. Respected Brother, You consider yourself a Sikh according to Gurbani but you have not been given any right to be called a Sikh or not. You are writing Satguru himself to Dalip Singh. Consider him as human only। The second thing I have seen the video, what is wrong with it? Can you make a video of it? Eye-opening video? Or only learn to slander against Gurbani
  10. That's true, although a lot of the Akali rank and file were former soldiers who would have been naturally fit. They had fought in the first world war and also introduced military style drills and arranged the volunteers into military style columns. This caused so much concern that M K Gandhi wrote that such tactics were 'terrorising' the rest of the Punjab population!
  11. Yes our sins are great but waheguru jis mercy is greater. Remember the saakhi of Mata Ganga ji who didn't have a son in her destiny, even baba budha ji refused her at first. But when she went without pride and with full faith, mercy was shown. With guru sahibs blessings she had such an amazing son (Guru HarGobind Sahib ji) that destiny alone couldn't have given her.
  12. I felt like this should be it's own topic. The Sikh panth seriously needs to wake up. We have no friends nor any allies. All of this occurred in a span of week!
  13. https://kashmirage.net/2020/05/30/burglars-loot-rs-2-lakh-cash-from-gurdwara-at-jawahar-nagar/
  14. Are you not the same Ajeet from Delhi or something who used to complain that his coworkers bullied him?
  15. Huh? What kind of rumor is this? There is no doctored version of SGGS Ji. How is such a thing even possible? What? It is law in Punjab that only SGPC can print saroops. Again, where are these rumors coming from?
  16. That's what we often think. But I think world is increasingly becoming volatile
  17. Really lol? Like India doesn't have their fare share of morons? Till day they burn Ravan, believe 8 legged gods, and kill people over gau raksha. I dont understand why some Sikhs chose one over the other, both nations are trouble.
  18. Pakistans different regions also have their own spoken languages however, sindhi etc. People of those provinces do attach to their regional identity, which has also led to the militant movements there. That's a whole different issue though. I will admit they are losing Punjabi language. But, the anthem is not in Persian. Urdu as a language is quite hybrid, hence the similarities. Amritsar came to be a few centuries ago. Western Punjab had most of the early day settlements. If anything, Punjabi was from modern day Pakistan. I'm trying to say dividing their history is ludicrous. Their histories are very much tied in together. Their histories being tied, the border not having existed before the creation of Urdu makes it silly to say Urdu is foreign. It existed there for centuries prior. Areas such as Sind have their own legendary historical figures as well. Indians having pride in their region isn't quite Indian pride then, especially in you consider the conflicts it has created. In the end, yes Pakistan does have many issues. But, so does your India. Especially as they modernize, turn to English and Western culture.
  19. Yesterday
  20. That's 2 different things. India does not have one identity because every state has it's own linguistic and cultural identity. But the languages of each state developed in that region and are not foreign. Pakistan punjab on the other hand does not even have a punjabi newspaper! Neither do they speak punjabi in the punjab government! Or in the schools. They paki punjabis speak urdu. Pakistan's national anthem is persian Indian heroes are all home grown, the rajputs, marathas, ashoka etc. And they all were south Asian not foreigners. Indians celebrating south asians and pakistanis celebrating the achievements of foreigners is 2 different things! Punjabi developed over a 1000 years ago, from what I read it developed in the central punjab region lahore/amritsar. Gurmukhi script was written in punjab. Indians do not have a identity crisis, Pakistanis do, there is no comparison. Indians are now even changing the names of cities that the mughals changed back to the original indian names. The culture of india and pakistan even b4 partition was different. Only punjabis from the Gurdaspur region, people of the thar desert and the Sindhis had similarities, the rest of the subcontinent was/is culturally very different and diverse.
  21. There will always be violence there due to Afghanistan. Foreign countries won't invest there as much. They were actually ahead of India in the 1970s and 1980s but went backwards due to General Zia Ul Haq who made it a backwards islamic sharia hellhole. I don't see them ever having a space program. Remember these are the people who believe that the meteorite in mecca comes from heaven. Even their top scientists think that. They even had a nobel prize winner for physics but they disowned him because he was an Ahmedi. With a mentality like that they will never get anywhere.
  22. Well Pakistani economy is growing as well...not as fast as India's, but its made significant progress. Long way to go (for both nations), however.
  23. Economy is usually the most important thing for a nation. It's the reason why we're sitting here in the UK and Canada instead of Punjab.
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