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  1. What is causing all the root problems for Sikhs? From weak leaders who can't run Punjab. To society issues in the Punjabi Sikh community back home and in the west Let's look at some main issues. Broken marriages/divorces, domestic violence, crime, sexual offenses/rape adultery,physical and mental health problems, family break downs, money,low morality,ethics and values and the list goes on ect. Feel free to add more issues affecting us. Can we pinpoint a root cause for all the above? I have a theory why Sikhs are failing not just in the west but in more importantly our own ho
  2. https://scroll.in/latest/1023049/punjab-bans-three-history-books-for-allegedly-distorting-facts-about-sikhs 10000000_674331940354195_8555428320862628616_n.mp4 10000000_674331940354195_8555428320862628616_n.mp4 10000000_674331940354195_8555428320862628616_n.mp4
  3. Lol why do people insist Pakistani Punjabis and Indian Punjabis are very similar and have similar culture. We don't. Their culture is entirely influenced by Islam.
  4. It's shocking how many mosques have been built in Punjab, just by this Kerala based Islamic group, never mind the hundreds more that have been re-started by Wakf board from post-47, and the new ones constructed by UP and Bihari muslims. Add to this mixture you have gujjars settling down and no doubt they will build their own. How many new Gurdwaras have Sikhs opened up in pakistan punjab, I wonder? We all the know the answer! Our kaum in Punjab needs to wake up and realize that we lost our prime agriculture land and half of our shrines on that side with an understanding of living free of them.
  5. Old Photos of Punjab of different people from different backgrounds and various different lifestyles Man and wife, Ferozpur 1941 Hindu man Shahbad 1860s 1910s 1910 Sikh and Hindu refugees 1947 bhakra dam under construction 1960s Sulej river 1860s 1903 Lahore 1945 Lahore 1910 mandir, lahore 1930s 1899 1950s udasi
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01g86qm/Our_World_No_Mans_Land/
  7. 3-4 weeks earlier 2 turban wearing sikhs knocked our door. They told me to vote for maheshinder Singh grewal belonging to badal party. They told me not to vote for kejriwal at all as he is RSS agent. My Hindu friends in Ludhiana told me that BJP is telling hindus that kejriwal is khalistani and has links with ISI and Pakistan. Basically bjp and badals are totally united in punjab and both of them hate kejriwal. Congress also dislikes kejriwal.
  8. There is a misconception here among some apne that only Mirpuris are carrying out grooming activities in the UK. The reality is some of you are naive. Many grooming gangs have been Pakistani Punjabis, and even Bangladeshis and Afghans. The partition violence, genocide and mass rapes were initiated and committed by Punjabi Muslims against Sikhs. The forced conversion of Sikh girls in Pakistan is carried out by Punjabi Muslims. Pakistani Punjabis are themselves no better than Mirpuris but scapegoat Mirpuris for everything wrong in their own communities. Many of the groomers have been
  9. Why dont sikhs ever unite and vote for people who stand for sikh rights but go give vote to Congress,aap and other nonsense? Muslims unite and vote for Congress as they know Congress will do things in their favor and not BJP or aap. So why do sikhs not vote for simranjeet Singh mann or people like him who stand for sikhs? Even jaswant singh khalra's wife didnt get elected when she stood for sikhs. I think our people deserve all this mess. We do not have an iota of ingroup loyalty nor do we have any vision for our future.
  10. He will ensure your used shoes are returned
  11. VID-20220108-WA0000.mp4
  12. These are drawings from an album called "the people of Punjab" drawn by Sanee the 'Draftman' (a native Hindoo) from Jullunder, 1860. (From the Toor Collection) ‘Band of Akalees-Umritsur’ 'Jut women & Sikh priest of Jalundhur reading Grunth’ ‘Jut Zumeendar of Jalundhur going to plough’ ‘Fukeer Pan-war & Lutari Fukeer’ ‘Pirzada Syeed & Rayu of Jalundhur’ ‘Caboolee Pathan’ (Kabuli Pathan) ‘Potowaree Rawul Pindee & Bunneah Tonk’ ‘Kuth[ree of] Noorpoor & Brah[min of] Bupowlia’ ‘Sikh soldier
  13. How Christianity is growing among Mazhabi Sikhs & Valmiki Hindus in Punjab’s villages Christianity is growing in Punjab, mirroring what states like Tamil Nadu experienced in the 1980s and 1990s. Small churches are springing up on the rooftops of many villages. SHUBHANGI MISRA 2 December, 2021 10:44 am IST
  14. https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/archive/punjab/migration-may-have-led-to-decline-in-sikh-count-125038 Of all communities, Sikhs have reported maximum decline in population, according to the religion-based census data (2001-2011) released by the Centre yesterday. The decadal growth rate in Sikh population was pegged at 24.3 per cent in 1991, which fell to 18.2 per cent in 2001 and further to 8.4 per cent in 2011. The fall in 2001-2011 is 9.8 per cent when compared with the 1991-2001 census — 15.9 per cent in two decades. For Hindus, the decline in growth rate is 3.5 per cent, Muslim
  15. Surprising, but oh well, good news if the survey was done properly. SUMMARY Around 82 per cent Sikh youngsters pray regularly or sometimes even if there is no festival being celebrated. The corresponding figure was 74 per cent for Christians, 72 per cent for Muslims, 69 per cent for Hindus and 46 per cent for others. Around 86 per cent Sikh youngsters visited a place of worship (gurudwara) even when there was no festival, compared to 57 per cent each for Hindus and Christians and 56 per cent for Muslims. The share of Sikh youth drawn towards TV channels showing religiou
  16. Guest

    Life in Punjab (old)

    Can you share stories of life in Punjab that you heard from your grandparents or great-grandparents.
  17. Would be interesting to know how the british imperialist colonialists treated the natives of punjab and how sikh raja's of nabha,faridkot,jind, patiala, karputala treated their subjects from eye witness accounts.
  18. Sangat jee, when I visit Punjab with my family, its extremely saddened to see the lack of Sikhi saroop and ideals amongst many of the youth (not all though. I have seen many Sikhi saroop youngsters who are proud of who they are in Punjab). Its common to see a youngsters engaging in kaam, and without kesh. Now, move beyond the state of Punjab. If you travel outside of Punjab, you'll see something different. In J and K, you'll see 100% Sikh youth all keeping their kesh, majority reading bani daily, and all keeping Sikhi saroop. Just visit a gurdwara in the region, you will see
  19. There is also a growing number of Punjabi in diaspora that are converting to Christianity. Wont be surprised if Punjab becomes majority Christian state within 5-10 years or less. Really sad and heartbreaking
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