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  1. There is also a growing number of Punjabi in diaspora that are converting to Christianity. Wont be surprised if Punjab becomes majority Christian state within 5-10 years or less. Really sad and heartbreaking
  2. https://www.sikhchic.com/1984/manufacturing_lies_the_ungodly_nexus_between_the_indian_media_the_government_propaganda_machine_part_i
  3. Wikileaks 2010 "NEUTRALIZING PARTITION? CHANGING DEMOGRAPHICS IN PUNJAB": 2021 East Punjabi Muslims be like: Also Punjabi Sikhs in 2021: Punjab Govt in 2021: Punjab's only Muslim-majority town Malerkotla declared as new district on Eid-ul-Fitr https://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-punjab-s-only-muslim-majority-town-malerkotla-declared-as-new-district-on-eid-ul-fitr-2890348 Truly an ignorant and short sighted nation that we are.
  4. https://twitter.com/thewire_in/status/1390169520782946305?s=20
  5. Harika wetland in Punjab, the music is kind of annoying, but it looks like a beautiful place. Hard to believe that its man made! looks so ancient and untouched.
  6. this is the truth of secular India that is risking punjab, taking away waters from satluj to revive a mythological river goddess saraswati first Indira Gnadhi canal taking our water as far as jaisalmer on the border with gujarat, then SYL, now this Final Assault Official Trailer | Punjabi Film | Coming May8th 2016 - YouTube (1) FINAL ASSAULT | Punjabi Documentary Film | Save Punjab Waters - YouTube this documentary is something I watched couple years back and it sort of matured my views on the political situation for Punjab's autonomous rights and this documentary showcase
  7. Even thus, O Salya, the young and old, among the inhabitants of Sakala, intoxicated with spirits, sing and cry. How can virtue be met with among such a people ? Thou shouldst know this. I must, however, speak again to thee about what another Brahmana had said unto us in the Kuru court, There where forests of Pilus stand, and those five rivers flow, viz., the Satadru, the Vipasa, the ravati, the Chandrabhaga, and the Vitasa and which have the Sindhu for their sixth, there in those regions removed from the Himavat, are the countries called by the name of the Arattas. Those regions are without vi
  8. (Request, please leave in general section) SikhVibes.com A Sikh Multimedia Website with thousands of rare Audio recordings, Videos and Katha from Worldwide. We have recently redesigned our layout with links to the following: Gallery section - connected to our Instagram account. Videos section - connected to Youtube! Events section - updated of local Toronto area programs. Visit our website daily for updates! www.SikhVibes.com FACEBOOK || INSTAGRAM || YOUTUBE || TWITTER
  9. Sangat jee, when I visit Punjab with my family, its extremely saddened to see the lack of Sikhi saroop and ideals amongst many of the youth (not all though. I have seen many Sikhi saroop youngsters who are proud of who they are in Punjab). Its common to see a youngsters engaging in kaam, and without kesh. Now, move beyond the state of Punjab. If you travel outside of Punjab, you'll see something different. In J and K, you'll see 100% Sikh youth all keeping their kesh, majority reading bani daily, and all keeping Sikhi saroop. Just visit a gurdwara in the region, you will see
  10. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh Has anyone bought land in punjab? Im uk born and I was just wondering how hard it is ( i have an OCI if that helps lol) Ive tried to look for land for sale on various websites and it seems really expensive even though everyone is saying the prices are going down. I just wanted something in punjab just incase everything goes down the drain in the uk
  11. We need to take ashes. It’s meant to be within a year right? It doesn’t look like that will happen now.
  12. Just when you thought couldn't get worse, Kaljug taking another turn https://www.financialexpress.com/lifestyle/health/dangerous-rise-in-hiv-aids-cases-in-punjab-in-just-5-years-amritsar-tops-the-list-read-shocking-report/1661795/ https://www.hindustantimes.com/chandigarh/57-000-hiv-aids-patients-in-punjab/story-CqmcwhHpx4PytuwH9yNQZN.html https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/archive/punjab/10-of-hiv-cases-detected-in-jails-868362 https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/punjab-drug-fight-runs-into-aids-rise/articleshow/70953361.cms https://indianexpress.com/ar
  13. They have 100% donation policy Here is their website https://www.yourseva.org/
  14. https://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/rare-books-on-sikhism-punjab-emerge-in-london-sale/story-It445bHhVoPN2bUC7Qi2dM.html June 24 2020 A London-based rare books dealer on Wednesday launched a collection of rare books, original manuscripts and artwork on India that includes several first editions of work on Sikhs, Sikhism and Punjab dating from early eighteenth century. The 40-item collection from dealer Peter Harrington includes the first translation of the Adi Granth into English and several travel narratives set in the kingdom of Ranjit Singh, and military handbooks dedic
  15. Old Photos of Punjab of different people from different backgrounds and various different lifestyles Man and wife, Ferozpur 1941 Hindu man Shahbad 1860s 1910s 1910 Sikh and Hindu refugees 1947 bhakra dam under construction 1960s Sulej river 1860s 1903 Lahore 1945 Lahore 1910 mandir, lahore 1930s 1899 1950s udasi
  16. Did Duleep Singh Embrace Christianity of His Own Free Will? Harbans Singh Noor Maharaja Dalip Singh before (left) and after (right) Conversion A hundred and fifty years ago, on March 8, 1853 14-year-old Maharaja Duleep Singh, son of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the last sovereign of the Khalsa Kingdom of Punjab, was proselytized into Christianity by the advice and consent of Lord Dalhousie, Governor General of India. The British put forth a lie that it was Maharaja’
  17. Saw this digitized version of the article on social media just now, its the sept 1984 edition of the surya indian magazine. Very important piece in Sikh history that exposed what Sikhs been saying all these years that it was the indira's congress government provoking violence using secret state agent provocateurs in order to create a pretext to attack darbar sahib and genocide the Sikhs in punjab. Apparently the journalist spoke to high level Indian military intelligence sources from the R&AW at the time only a few months after operation blue star.
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