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I Like This Girls, But...

Guest _Gupt Singh_

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very well said simmal jee, LOL.gif

dear gupt singh.

once the girl said that she is not ready.

i think you should understand and you should not go to the extend of forcing her.

Sometimes, girls get more irritated once a guy starts to force things on her. expecially this kind of things. :)

Just give her some time, just be a friend to her, perhaps there is something about you that she does not like or afraid. Maybe by getting to know each other in a longer term might get things going.

If you a true gursikh, you should take this as a bhana and leave it to Guru Jee to decide and pleaaasee do not force her, okay. no.gif

i think i know who you are and i hope that things will work out between you two.

i even suggessted to her about you once but after i had some problems with you i did not say anything to her, cause i dont want to break your feelings for her. i am not a bad person after all. pray.gif


fateh kaur

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Guest _Gupt Singh_

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Dear Sadhsangat Ji,

Thank you all for you wonderful replies. They are extremely helpful. I could not imagine that all of you would give me these suggestion. I'm extremly thankful to all of you. And I don't know what will happen next, but I think if she does not call or calls so many days after that means she's not interseted and I have no other choise, but to accept Akaal Purukh's Bhana and let things go as the time goes by and let Guru Sahib take care of everything cuz I dont have control of anything, I have to accept the Hukam, may it be acceptable or unacceptable to my manmukh mind.

Maybe Guru Sahib wants me to set free from one of the 5 vikaars, Moh and it is a test that I am going through. As it has happened to me many times in life that when I wanted 'something' soooooooooooooooo bad and dying for it and I dont get it, as time goes by it heals the woulds I manage to live without it and one day suddenly, I get that thing in an instance. Maybe Guru Sahib already wanted me to give that 'thing' but want me to get detached from it first. I don't know if it is the same situation this time with me about this girl.

But I cannot try to detach myself from her thinking that Guru Sahib will bless me with her jeevansaath when I get detached. It will be trying to ditch myself and Guru Sahib. But I cannot detach myself from her having this thing in mind that I will get her when I get detached since I am dragging this attachment with me all the time.

And I'm not the only one she calls veerji. She calls another Singh veerji too when we are all together. I don't know what to do or wat to say cuz I cannot reveal my identity thats why I am not logged in and posting in this Gupt section.

And Adarsh Fateh Kaur Ji, I am not that guy that you are thinking about. I think you are confusing me with sometone else.l

I will never try to force this kuri. I think rather than doing anything stupid and create any more problems, I should not make my problem her problem and let things go in Hukam and wait to hear from her or any kind of signs that tell me what I want to know. I think thas all I can do.

Or maybe I do not deserve her:

beejay bikh mangai amrit vaykhhu ayhu ni-aa-o. ||2||

He sows seeds of poison, and demands Ambrosial Nectar. Behold - what justice is this? ||2||

(SGGS 474)

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simmal tree... y dint u meet me b4 cry_smile.gif

:) er... yeh i felt EXACTLY the same as you.. but it was worse. How? She didnt call me veerji, she jsut hated my guts!!! (maybe coz i tld her straight up .. )

But then, she grew to like me.. it seemed like a dream come true! typical bollywood thing :doh: @ . Anywhoooo...

.. well we wanted to marry eachother too.. although we were "sikhs" we were sidde saadde.. compared to everyone around us.

But then everything turned ugly and Kaam finally took over, so I left her, with Guru Ji;s Kirpa I have let go my feeligns for her pray.gif

Thts when I started to think.. this "love" I had for this girl.. was it true?? grin.gif conclusion was.. NO.

I found, that love for Guru Ji beats everything!!!

Hope I helped..

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Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

No it just left me confused, if you 'think' you love someone then why not marry them?

if kaam does take over then cant you just get married considering you have decided to marry. i mean leaving someone, ok its good cos it teaches u to be detached yeh but it may cause all sorts of problems when u do get married to someone else cos u got a past.

or maybe it doesnt and im the only one on this forum complaining that relationships with anyone other than the person u gonna marry can cause probs with ur partner. :)

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!

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