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Firstly what is a Darshan, and how do you know if you have encountered a Guru’s darshan or whether its simply a trick your mind is playing on you.

Has any encountered a darshan? I am just curious to find out about this

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i was at the gurdwara and these people were talking about darshan, how others had encountered it, but the one who did, did not want to discuss it. however another person who was trying to enlighten us with sikhism, told us that he had a darshan in his dream - i think it was a dream about a certain message he had. however he told us, that he discussed his dream with a gani, who told him that it was a false sign as a darsham would not happen through such circumstances (something like that, i cant remember the full facts).

for this reason i just wanted to know. i guess there are some people who do have connections with god, but feel that if discussed, the connection will no longer be made - thus i guess its fair for some to feel unable to discuss their darshan, i respect that.

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myrw mnu locY gur drsn qweI ]

maeraa man lochai gur dharasan thaaee ||

My mind longs for the Blessed Vision of the Guru's Darshan.

My interpretation of darshan is that it's more like Guru Ji's erm...presence. It's not necessarily physical....I might be stabbing in the dark here cos I'm just a Moorakh but why would Guru Ji show us a physical form when They are beyond any such thing? I think we are always in Guru Ji's Darshan it's just when we realise this and remember do we get blessed to 'feel' or 'see' with our senses. I dunno if that made sense lol tongue.gif

Bhul Chukk Maaf...

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Lord and the Guru are omnipresent. Present in every living being! All we need to do is realise this and try and see him in every *jeev* and love every one . That is the real darshan.

Once we believe in him, you can be dead sure that he and his power are with you. Or do one thing, just sit in peace (when you are at peace with your innerself), shut your eyes, concentrate on Guruji and let your soul beg him to give darshan. You will FEEL yourself flooded with a strange power and you would know what it is. In case you are able to do this, just let me know. My alternate email is : archana@ocl.in

Bhul chuk maaf karni ji!

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Darshan can be in many forms. But I suppose the ones that we are most interested in are the “partakh” darshan of the Gurus.

I take the point that maybe we should be concentrating on Waheguru and He is in all things, but if a father has been away for a long time a child will always long to see him. In the same way Guru Gobind Singh Ji is our TRUE father and for me it is only natural that we should long to see him. If you do not, then maybe you have not reached that stage, where there is a constant ache in your heart which longs to see Guru Sahib Ji resplendent in banna, shastardhari, white baaj in hand……… smiling at you – does that not bring a tear to your eye?

If Guru Ji gave full darshan we could not take it. We do not have the kumai to take the “parkash” of Guru Sahib Ji – it is soo “taje” we would be blown over and go into some kind of unconscious state. Guru Ji in his wisdom will sometimes show a very small form of himself, even if you get kirpa and you see Guru Jis hand or finger consider yourself so so fortunate and blessed. Those who have seen very rarely talk about it and keep it Gupt. Say for example if someone told another about his darshan and that person started to question and criticize then all that Gandh will go on the person with the darshan and this will considerably effect the kirpa that was bestowed on him by Guru Ji. So it is a difficult question – whether to keep quite or to inspire other people.

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