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Your Laptop Battery Remaning Time After Fully Charge It

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lol...batteries...I feel like im back at dell tech support.

Well, its considered a so called consumable product. Google it for details.

Bottom line. It has a warranty of one year. Usually is only good for 1.5 yrs or so..may go longer, but rarely.

BEST thing to do- If you bought the laptop around a year ago, especially dell(HP might work), call tech support or contact them via chat from their support site. Say that the battery only lasts an hour or half an hour. They will make u do a couple of steps, prolly check quickset or check a couple of lights. If its under a year, they should replace it.

6 cell batteries are recommended for future buyers.

Edit: For the new systems that are not giving out enough battery time, you might wanna change the power settings from control panel, from maximum power use, power mode down to power save mode- uses less brightness on your lcd but should give out more time.

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This reminds me. i have a problem with my laptop. Its used to run on batteries but over the last 2 months something happened. It no longer runs on batteries.

eg. I plug my laptop in and it works. As soon as I take the plug out it shuts off......I must have messed with the settings....how do I get it to swtich and run on battery power?


Your battery is dead. Dont get ripped off by going to a high street store to purchase a replacement, ebays the place to go...


fateh ji

I was really upset when I read everyone on sikhsangat saying my battery died cos I love my laptop loads. Anyhoo as I was feeling miserable I started messing about.

At first I used to check power settings thru desktop but this time I went to control panels and then checked my advanced power settings.

I found out my battery was not being detected so in my moment of despair I pulled out the battery and re-did the AC wiring. I put everything back and its all working fine now. yay :)

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i was told that a battery has 2000 charges before it dies.... so basically u charge it once a day ,it should last u 2000 days ...


if its always plugged into mains then it goes from 100% to 95% and then it goes back to 100% .... theres 1 charge gone....

so its better if u charge it up 100% then take it out of the mains ... and when its back to like 5-10% plug the mains in again...

i hope that helps lol

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i too heard the same thing. i have not tested this on my laptop but i have on my mobile phone. my mobile phone is always plugged to charger non-stop for past two years and my battery is as good as new. basically you should drain your battery twice in a month to have good life.

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every thing is fine nothing wrong with your battery ......yeh diff manufacturers have diff life for battery backup u better go for the option what sunsingh suggested you above and to make sure every thing is fine go to the same vendor and tell him ur prob and make sure next time you buy a laptop you ll ask vendor to tell all battery backup details...........

And if u want another good suggestion well u must not run laptop for hours n hours it will kill your heat sink unit sooner or later if you are running it for more than 4 or 5 hours continuously.

If you use a lot then you better buy a desktop


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