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Any One See This In Birmingham

Guest fordcapri

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this thread and the cricket is making my blood boil. Does this not remind us of times back in the mughal raj? What are we sikhs going to do about this? Surely enough is enough.

Cov phaji, i didnt get a reply from you last time i talked to you, im assuming the pm was blocked, however im gonna pm you my email address, can u please reply to that.

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Guest HaRdKaUrWaRrIoRz

this is a really sad story, but you know what, this happens everywhere and not just between muslims and sikh girls, i know however in the UK there is this whole muslim and sikh thing going on so someone with that kind of motivation behind doing this is really bad, and yes something needs to be done about it, but heres something to think about,

where i live there were two girls , same situation , bu tthey had actually run away from home, they were taken in by some punjabi boys and the girls trusted them , but lo and behold they got them drunk and raped them in the exact way---punjabi boys and two punjabi girls!

similarly, two girls that i know very well and have known for many years, stupidly got drunk and in a different situation got harassed too, luckily they dont think they were raped but probably would have been, i dont want to spill this story out too mcuh because these girls i know very well...and the perpetrator? a south indian man..

so this happens with anyone , from any background, yes we may be a target in the UK by a certain group, but in this day and age, and in any for that matter, girls need to stop driving around in cars with people at midnight and going to hotels and drinking alcohol, if you dont live a sikhi jeevan or try to atleast, im sorry but one day you are going to end up the same... i hope waheguru awakens us all, and i hope these women realize that they are the root and future of our sikhi,


god help us all

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