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I Dont Get It:s

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Hard 'kaur' warriors And people like me are not Sikhs if that's the way you interpret it and people like me do not deserve to be called 'people' (ppl). I forgot to add under:


Bhul chuk maaf

The reason why I said it....maybe I should of added it back then...was cus when I read your post thats how I simply interpreted it.

P.S I'm not on anyones back, if anyone wants to be on my back then I will be all over their back....and this doesn't only go to you.

Again bhul chuk maaf jeeo

EDIT: You know what, I'm going to do a sukhmani sahib for you......maybe I have been too harsh. Forgive me.

I agree with Jag_Singh 100%. The statements in the first post really stereotype girls/women...in a negative manner.

The reason why women are so hyped up is most likely because of society. The attention is focused on the bride. In almost all cultures, the bride is the 'star of the show'. Out of all the people attending the ceremony, she is the one who stands out, therefore she's under a lot of pressure.

If society didn't show how 'normal' it is for the bride to pretty up, then all of this wouldn't even be up for discussion. Evidently, cultural notions are to blame.

It's very upsetting that a girl/woman would even suggest/hint such things, as were introduced in the first post.

Men and women are both very excited about marriages. If the bride-to-be is more excited about a marriage than the groom-to-be is, there's something very very wrong...

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