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Darshan Of Hanuman Ji To Gursikhs


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does anyone know stories of gursikhs that have been given darshan of hanuman ji? iv heard of guruji giving ganesh darsan to ppl who are sikhs, but this darhan was given as a punishment i.e. to punish this gursikh, they were given darshan of ganesh.

perhaps the same with hanumaan?

would be happy with thoughts / >contributions<.

n please, try not to laf too much :p it is a serious q.

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alias ji

As far as darshan is concerned, Gurmat preaches seeking darshan of Akal Purakh. Darshan of other avtars is not the goal of a Gursikh. I feel that the highest darshan is that of nirgun saroop of Akal Purakh. Through meditation on Gurbani and Naam one can achieve darshan of Akal Purakh. Maybe through meditation Gursikhs have had darshan of other avtars, prophets etc. However a Gursikh will not focus on these and continue to do bhagti to get darshan of their preetam piare . Only darshan of supreme avtar, supreme prophet, sri Akal Purakh can quench the thirst of a Gursikh.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

This is very, very true.

Our darshan should be the dust of the feet of Akaal Purakh's saints to realize Waheguru.

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^^^^ hehe :angrymonkey:

yes, thas standard. darshan of akaal purakh is what we want. but, i have heard (from our akj sangat) that there was one gursikh (known well in the back in the day sangat) that got dashan of ganesh for some reason or other as a punishment.

im not saying that we should strive for the devis.. : /

im talking about punishment.

anyone know bout this specifically re the devis? ganesh hanuman raam krishna, seeta, anyone?

and thanks HDSH :happybouncer:

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Darshan of any kind of positive spiritual entities, is a consequence of gathering and concentrating the consciousness, and then elevating it to higher levels in the inner realms . They(spiritual positive entities) may appear to us, but that is not so important. And moreover, darshan of any of these entities can never ever be called punisment. Punishments or curses cause pain and suffering, can cover us with agyanta, but to these darshans we can never call it a punishment. It is like, as if one is in darkness, and one aims to see the Sun, but by any reason instead of seeing the Sun first, one sees the light of a lamp, or of a bulb of 100 watts lit on, or the light of the stars or moon on a dark night... though one´s aim is to see the Sunlight, but seeing these dim lights is better, than to be in total darkness, there is no harm in it... but then, one has not got to be attracted by them, rather one should be firm in his/her resolution, that I have to reach my goal, which is none other than Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

These experiences of darshans of these lower entities than Satpurush, only show us that we are heading in the right direction, towards Wahiguru, that we are on the right track and thus sholud not give any importance more than that, but just as an encouraging evidence or proof.

Wahiguru is important, and we should be so much absorbed in Him(through spiritual practice), that no other entity may dare even to come in front of us to distract us, even for a fraction of a second; by saying to itself, that this soul is a real lover of Him(Akal Purukh), just as I am of Ram( in this case of Hanuman),so it should not be disturbed at all, not even by thought, rather, given any possible aid until it reaches it goal( Satnam).

Wahiguru ki fateh.

P.S: maybe at some time in the past,the individual had a unconsciouss desire or some thoughts of these so called "gods", that is why Hanuman ji appeared.... or it can also be possible, that rather, when one is on the way to our supreme Father Wahiguru, these so called gods, devis or devtas, come to have the darshan of that wadbhagee soul, and wish it all the best, as they themselves can not go further then where they are located, until they reap thier good karmas there, and come down to earth and be born in a human form, only then, can they try to go and merge in Wahiguru, this privilege of merging in Satnam is only granted to humans, that is why, this human form is called the top of creation.

And even then in the human form, only those wadbhagees marked by Wahiguru on their foreheads or written in their destiny, come to love Him, believe in Him, and do all their best to merge in Him as soon as possible. It is all His utter grace, humans by themselves are powerless and uncapable, in this particular matter.

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When once begins to reach higher stages of spirituality, other avataars and devtaa's come to get such a gursikh's darshan.

True. I have also heard that when a GurSikh does Simran for hours a day. Slowly as his spiritual level goes higher he starts to have spiritual experiences like remembering his past lives, nowing future events and even having darshan of avtars. Some Gursikhs get very impressed with these spiritual experiences that they get stuck and don't go higher. But the ones who try to stay unimpressed experience even higher spiritual levels.

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