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Hum Hindu Nahin (Book)

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Hum Hindu Nahin (We are not Hindus) was intended to serve a specific purpose. First is-sued in 1898, this small volume was an early contribution to a current controversy concerning the actual identity of the Sikhs. An earlier legal ruling had declared Sikhs to be Hindus. The title of Bhai Kahn Singh's response makes his own view abundantly clear. It represented the dominant view of the Singh Sabha movement and has ever since retained the fame, which it so quietly acquired. It is worth stressing that the approach adopted in this book is neither hostile nor aggressive. In his presentation he took great care to stress that he sought peace, not discord. To quote:

"Dear Member of Khalsa you may be surprised when you read what I have writ-ten. You will ask why there should be any need of such a work as 'We are not Hin-dus' when it is perfectly obvious that the Khalsa is indeed distinct from Hindu soci-ety. Or you may want to know why, if such a work is to be written, there should not be books, which show that we are not Muslims or Christians or Buddhists. This book has been written for the benefit of those brethren to whom the following historical parable applies. The tale, briefly, is as fol-lows. Guru Gobind Singh once covered a donkey with a lion skin and set it loose in the wasteland. Men as well as cattle thought it was a lion and were so frightened that none dared approach it. Released from the misery of carrying burdens and free to graze fields to its heart's content, the donkey grew plump and strong. It spent its days happily roaming the area around Anandpur. One day, however it was at-tracted by the braying of a mare from its old stable. There it was recognised by the potter who removed the lion skin, replaced its pannier-bags, and once again began whipping it to make it work.

"The Guru used this parable to teach his Sikhs an important lesson. 'My dear sons,' he said, 'I have not involved you in a mere pantomime as in the case of this donkey I have freed you, wholly and completely, from the bondage of caste. You have become my sons and Sahib Kaur has become your mother: Do not follow the foolish example of the donkey and return to your old caste allegiance. If forgetting my words and abandoning the sacred faith of the Khalsa you return to your various castes your fate will be that of the donkey. Your courage will desert you and you will have lived your lives in vain'. "

Many of our brethren are in fact neglecting this aspect of the Guru's teaching. Al-though they regard themselves as Sikhs of the KhaIsa they accept the Hindu tradition. They imagine that it is actually harmful to observe the teachings of Gurbani by ac-knowledging the other. Sikh relgion is dis-tinct from the Hindu religion. The reason for this is that they have neither read their own Scriptures with care nor studied the historical past. Instead they have spent their time browsing through erroneous ma-terial and listening to the deceitful words of the self-seeking. The tragedy is that these brethren are falling away from the Khalsa. They forget the benefits which the Almighty Father has bestowed on them - how he has exalted the lowly raised pau-pers to be kings, turned jackals into lions and sparrows into hawks. Seduced by those who oppose the Gurus' teachings, they are ensnared by deceit and thereby forfeit the chance of deliverance, which this human existence confers.

"Our country will flourish when people of all religions are loya1 to their own traditions, yet willing to accept other Indians as members of the same family when they recognise that harming one means harming the nation, and when religious differences are no longer an occasion for discord. Let us practice our religion in the harmonious spirit of Guru Nanak, for thus we shall ensure that mutual envy and hatred do not spread. At the same time, you will grow in affection for all your fellow countrymen, recognising all who inhabit this country of India as one with yourself"

http://<banned site filter activated>/writers/KahnSingh/KSNabhaPg2.htm

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Khalistani GunMan, you were given negative by RSS agents, I don't know why, I have given +ve to you; I am now 100% sure this forum is totally infiltrated by RSS agents, I am also quite confident who they are and time and again they give -ve to members propoagating Sikh interests in the true spirit.

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Khalistani GunMan, you were given negative by RSS agents, I don't know why, I have given +ve to you; I am now 100% sure this forum is totally infiltrated by RSS agents, I am also quite confident who they are and time and again they give -ve to members propoagating Sikh interests in the true spirit.

Hey what about my ratings ? It has gone down when i called Sant Ji Shaheed .

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Khalistani GunMan, you were given negative by RSS agents, I don't know why, I have given +ve to you; I am now 100% sure this forum is totally infiltrated by RSS agents, I am also quite confident who they are and time and again they give -ve to members propoagating Sikh interests in the true spirit.

I know admin can found out who has -ve or +ve a post, I think they should make this available to all members so the sangat gets an idea if a certain member is constantly -ve their posts to make them look bad and decrease their reputation. Or if someone has got a friend or another account to +ve their posts to make them look good and increase their reputation.

Also it would allow members to see who votes down certain types of views.

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I dont know why is the "real reason" of writing this book is missed.

Sikhs called a gujrati aray samaji dayanand saraswati to tackle conversions in punjab he was choosen because he openly spoke against idol worship.

He shared same stage with sikhs he targeted hindu punjabis to stop converting for Christianity and sikhs did the same for punjabi sikhs.

He also started reading sikh literature and later wrote a book "Sikh Hindu Hai" Giving refrences from gurbani and life style ... it was in this books response Bhai Kahn Singh a good friend oh Dayanand wrote this book "Sikh Hindu Nahi"

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    • Yeah that's the one. I've seen it in peoples houses in india, I used to think it was Baba Balak Nath, but then I found out its to do with Guru Nanak Dev jis sons. Do Sikhs believe in that sakhi ?  or is it sects that follow Baba Shri Chand ji ? I wonder if the animals in the painting are of importance? reminds of of Pir Bhudan shah    Thanks. 
    • This forum post talks about it. Has to do with energy during meditation.  https://www.sikhawareness.com/topic/17608-importance-of-tiger-skin-during-meditation/
    • There's a lot of homeless Punjabis/South Asians as well, especially in areas with a large South Asian population like Southall. There used to be homeless Punjabis sleeping under that big bridge near Southall. The Sikh channel helped them I think. Most of them were on drugs. They said when they go to the Gurdwara to eat the management would chase them out. If they asked the management if they can have a shower they would say no. So the Gurdware aren't very helpful!  But the Gurdware probably chased them out because they are on drugs. But its still wrong to chase them out. With all the doctors in our community, you would think some would take time out on weekends and give people advise at Gurdware, but they don't do that ...  We used to have some Punjabi lawyers come to our local Gurdwara to give people advise, but they weren't volunteering they were doing it for money. For a few weeks I volunteered with charity which fed homeless people in the highstreet. Majority of them are on drugs, its hard to imagine them assimilating into society, though its possible.  A lot of homeless people used to eat at our local Gurdwara, but some of them were very rude to the sangat doing sewa, so the sangat had to call the police!  I do feel sorry for these people, I always keep some pound coins in my pocket.     And then there's some fake homeless people who choose to beg because they make more money begging than they would in a normal 9-5 job!   Not far from where I live is a town Windsor, and people go there to beg and then they go  back home in a taxi!  lol!    
    • The person with the blue skin is Baba Sri Chand Ji and the baby was the son of Baba Lakhmi Das Ji, the second son of Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj. Here is the Sakhi from SikhWiki:    Preserving the Family Lineage "Babaji stretches his arm into the sky and brings baby Dharm Chand to earth to save Guru Nanak Dev ji’s lineage. While Babaji himself lived an ascetic life, he not only supported family life, he actually raised the baby Dharm Chand and arranged his marriage One day brother Lakhmi Chand ji had been hunting. Babaji told him it was a sin to kill innocent animals and that he would have to give account in God’s court. Hearing this Baba Lakhmi Chand took his entire household, even the dog, mounted his horse and rode toward Heaven. Baba Siri Chand ji realized that his brother’s baby Dharm Chand was the last descendent of Guru Nanak Dev ji. If the baby left too there would be no one to carry on Guru ji’s blood line. So Baba Siri Chand ji stretched out his arm into the sky, lifted the baby from his brother’s lap, brought him back and raised him as his own son" (SikhiWiki, 2012).   
    • http://sttm.co/s/5158/58423 ਕਬੀਰ ਰਾਮ ਕਹਨ ਮਹਿ ਭੇਦੁ ਹੈ ਤਾ ਮਹਿ ਏਕੁ ਬਿਚਾਰੁ ॥ Kabeer, it does make a difference, how you chant the Lord's Name, 'Raam'. This is something to consider. ਸੋਈ ਰਾਮੁ ਸਭੈ ਕਹਹਿ ਸੋਈ ਕਉਤਕਹਾਰ ॥੧੯੦॥ Everyone uses the same word for the son of Dasrath and the Wondrous Lord. ||190||
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