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History Of Inder Singh Ghagga & Kala Afghanay


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Good read !


Bhai Harkinder Singh,

In winter of 1992, I was visiting village of my in-laws known as village Ghagga in Patiala Distt. This village is mostly inhabited by Pannus who migrated from Amritsar Distt long time ago. Inder Singh Ghagga was known as Bhai Inder Singh Pannu in those days. One mornimg, I went to the Gurdwara Sahib to listen to (Aapnay Gharaan 'chon)does katha in the Gurdwara Sahib daily. As I walked in, I noticed about 3-4 bodies (mostly puranay sareer) sitting as listeners (Sarotaas) with Loiies around their bodies. I sat till the end of Katha, and Bhai Inder Singh spoke to me for about 15 minutes afterwards. In this conversation, hebasically expressed a very keen desire to visit Canada, and wanted me to send him a sponsorship through our Gurdwara Sahib. I was not impressed withhis Katha at all because I noticed he knew only surfacial meanings, and had no depth in his elaborations of the Hukamnama that day. Infact I found it very empty and meanings stretched with no linkages in his conclusions. I walked back home and asked my brother-in-law about Bhai Inder Singh's background andas to how he became a Kathakar out of these illetrate Pannus of Ghagga.

My brother-in-law told me that Harpal and Inder's family did not have much land and were very poor. Their father worked hard to send his children to school. Inder Singh, the older son was studying in matric and got a job as a driver with Electricity Board, Bathinda office. The younger Harpal was smarter and went to Punjabi Uni to do his P.hd. This way I came to know that Inder Singh Panuu and Harpal Singh Pannu of Pbi Uni were real brothers.

Inder Singh, however was charged & convicted with theft/stealing from Electricity Board Bathinda and was dismissed from his Driver's job. He returned back to Ghagga. After that Inder Singh took correspondence courses with Missionary College Ludhiana, and upon completion of his diploma, started doing Katha and make his both ends meet. The local Gurdwara offered him a fixed salary to extend help to Inder Singh's family. This much I came to know at that time. The matter rested at that. Many years passed by, till Kala Afghana controversy started circulating.

As destiny has it, I met Kala Afghana here in London as well few years before his black-writings were published. Kala Afghana was staying with his daughter, who's husband was a physician in local hospital. Interestingly enough KA gave me the first draft of his book Bipran Ki Reet printed on dot-matrix printer (I still have that) to look it over, and offer my opinion. I found his writing so boring that I never bothered about it, and dismissed it as crazy cravings of an old frustrated man who was angry at Sikhs that his relative who was a Kirtania got killed by Khardkoos.

KA went away to California and things were quiet for some years. Suddenly, his books started appearing and controversies were seen in the papers. I found out about KA's conviction in molestation case of Victoria Gurdwara and published the judgement on the Gurmat Learning Zone for the first time. This bombshell came as a surprise to KA followers. At first they did not believe it and doubted its authenticity. When confirmed, they started putting up another argument that what matters is not his chracter but what he says about Gurmat, and the service he has rendered in exposing Bipar influence upon Sikh way of life. I have not yet published KA's shameful act in the Gurdwara in Saskatoon, and he received a severely worded warning from Sangat to not repeat such things. His followers can ask him directly about this, if they think he will tell the truth. Anyways, let us continue...

The dead stories became alive again recently as I heard one Prof. Inder Singh Ghagga appearing as member of Sri-Dasam-Granth-Hate-Brigade, and Hindu-Hate-Brigade (like admirers of KA such as Joginder Singh Gurtej Singh). I never knew who is this Prof. Ghagga, but the word "Ghagga", being village of my in-laws, made me curious to find out who was this guy. When I checked further, I found out that this man was the Inder Singh Pannu, I met long time ago in Ghagga Gurdwara - Dr. Harpal Singh Pannu being his younger brother. The story became more dramatic as I learned this:

I spoke to Dr. Anokh Singh ji of Bathinda, and asked him if he knows Prof. Ghagga. He confirmed further that he is brother of Prof Harpal Singh Pannu. I said but Pannu's views about Sri Dasam Granth are diametrically opposite to that of Inder Singh. How is it possible to have this relationship? Dr Anokh Singh added that he met Dr. Harpal Singh at some Sikh gathering and asked similar question as I had. He asked him if he was Inder's real brother, by the same parents. Harpal Singh confirmed but with a few very interesting qualifying remarks. Dr Harpal Singh Pannu said:

1. Dr Sahib, Pirthyaa was born in the same Guru's house hold.

2. I (Dr Harpal Singh Pannu) had a small modest dwelling in Patiala that I built after a long time working as a professor at the Uni. Whereas, my brother Inder, who is Matric educated, owns a kothi in Ludhiana.

This is how Dr Harpal Singh Pannu responded to Dr. Anokh Singh's shocking questions. By the way, this Dr Anokh Singh was present in Toronto area location where about 150 Singhs had assembled to have a debate with Prof Ghagga on points of contention. Prof. Ghagga never appeared there as already reported in the press.

I asked Dr Anokh Singh about the title Prof. that Inder Singh Ghagga uses. He explained that a Gurmat College was started across from canal in village Jawaddi by some Gurmukh piara by donating his ancestral land. That man has died. Inder Singh got job to teach Gurmat there after receiving his diploma from Ludhiana Sikh Missionary College's correspondence course. This is how he found a short cut to Professorship as opposed to his brother Dr Harpal Singh Pannu.

For reader's knowledge I would suggest two books: One is titled Kalaey Afganay Dey Kalay Leikh. This book is a very good collection of articles dealing with Kala Afghana's anti-Sikh writings. Dr Anokh Singh has written excellent articles in this. (Dr Anokh Singh has written one small book on Gurbani Grammer as well, worth acquiring as well.) Second book that deals very thoroughly the KA issue and deals with the filth of KA systematically, is "Sabh Dushat Jhakh Maraa" by Kanwar Ajit Singh of Patiala. This is a must read for all the KA supporters, and those who seek truth of Gurmat, Guru-Gyan-Bhauray.


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Ghagha was employed as a driver with Punjab electricity board( PSEB). In 1980s beginning

he stole copper cable from PSEB store, was indicted in a court of law and jailed at Bhatinda.

While taking morning shower in the open, in front of a hand pump, he started his self made

version of Jaap sahib. In simple language he was mocking at bani of nitnem.A singh from sikh

student federation heard this and he hit Ghagha on head with whatever he could grab for doing

beadbi.Ghagha was injured.

That singh is in Nortehrn california living in fremont.

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Now something on kala afghana.

Kala afghana hails from village kala afghana in Gurdaspur district. He joined Punjab police

as a foot soldier ( sipahi) after passing 8 grade.In those days urdu used to be medium of instruction

and kala afghana schooling was in urdu, a language that he knows much better than Punjabi.

He rose to become a sub-inspector befor retirement. he was corrupt and notorious in accepting bribes.

He was caught and jailed for this act. He came out on bail. THose days Punjab was in militancy period.

Kala afghana was made to jump bail and brought to canada. he was employed as a Granthi in a Victoria,

bC Gurudwara sahib where he tried to molest a Bibi who was his granddaughter's age.He was tried and

fined in a court of law in bC.

I go to visit Victoria every year once as my relatives stay there. On enquiry i got some startling revealations from

some sikhs who knew kala afghana. Kala afghana as a Granthi used to make notings on SGGS ji with pen by underlining

the words. This was recovered by sangat and he was warned for not doing that in future.

His personal life was garbage as some singhs found him smoking outside in the evening. he was kicked out

after the incident of molestation.

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Something about fake professor , ragi darshan.

Ragi darshan is from Ludhiana after his family migrated from Pkaistan after 1947.

His parents were devout followers of Nanaksar sants.

Ragi darshan is a matric pass( In old punjab education system Matric was high school.It is 10 grade).

As his family just made their ends meet, Ragi darshan took job with a doctor as a helper at Jagraon, a town

near Ludhiana. He was his helper dispensing pills to patients and taking care of his shop in his absence.

He also used to steal money from him when patients came to shop in doctor's absence. This was revealed by the

doctor to a close friend of mine who lives iN Ludhiana.He made it known to him when ragi was in the news for

blasphemy. My friend told me that doctor is still alive and in case ragi darshan contests his thuggery nature he will disclose it publicly.

Ragi darshan also is a consumer of meat and also liquor. This shows the depth of intellect of akali leaders who appointed

him as jathedar of akal takhat. Tohra was the one who gave him that post.

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Sarbjit dhunda jagtar jachak are all close to darshan, delgeer and ghagha. They also close with uk tiger jatha. Its all a pack really, whether its southall singh sabha current committee, dal khalsa uk and india, tiger jatha, slough committee, missionary etc, they all back and support each other

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This topic says a lot regarding the overall situation of our community. When these people started they could have been stopped, but instead were ignored, now everyone is coming out with information of "I knew this, I knew that".

On the other hand, where are the scholars challenging these people? How many books/seminars/smagams are held to expose their intentions? Is it limited to forums and Facebook only? We constantly hear of ghaga and ragi an co with their new dramas every so often, but never/rarely about solutions to this whole facade.

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