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** Boycott Prof Sarbjit Dhunda - Sri Akaal Takht Sahib Aadesh**

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Great news!

Hopefully someone brings Dhunda's views on Jap Sahib to the Akal Thakt's attention so that he is forced to pay for all his misdeeds. He should not be allowed to do parchar in any Gurdwara and hopefully sangat in B.C don't allow him to continue his Katha over at Dashmesh Darbar in Surrey.

This Adesh should be disseminated among the Sangat....especially in the B.C. area.

Recently Jeonwala (who himself uttered blasphemous remarks against Jaap Sahib) wrote an article in favor of Dhunda with the title 'dhunda dhunda sundi ni main aap dhunda hoyee' (listening to dhunda i myself have become a dhunda)

Just imagine the height of their nonsense and the level of their intellect!

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Great news. More veers and bhains should maybe print some papers with this news on it and distribute it at Gurdwaras amongst the Sangat. Some how sangat should be made aware of Dhunda and his anti Sikh stance. Now let us see what Missionary collage stance is on this. When Ghagha was excommunicated the missionary collage was smart to play the diplomatic role and distance itself from Ghagha. Will they do the same with Dhunda, let us see.

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I think he should be banned because of his continous hatred against Sri Darbar Sahib.

Imagine how catholics will feel if there missionaries start calling sick names and making mockery of Vatican in front of thousands.

Imagine how Muslim will feel if any muslim cleric started campaign against mecca.

It is only us who are becoming soooo weak that some of our moorakh brothers and sisters started supporting such fake professors and take stand against sri darbar sahib/harmander sahib. That's just appaulding.. Everybody has som sort of internal problems (like child-abuse scandals vatican issue) but that doens't make us to take stand against something that once our forefathers willing to up their life... Keep your family name and start acting like a proper sikh.

Above message to those who are dhunda's supporters and reading this thread.

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