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100% False Allegations Made Against Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale – The Truth About An Orchestrated Campaign To Stop Sikhi Parchaar

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It is a real shame people are saying this. I have spoken to a few people who are saying they are going to cancel their Direct debits too. The channels need sangat support. The general feeling is that Sikh channel is heading towards anti Dasam and anti Mahapurkh ways. This is not acceptable.

I have had a couple of these conversations with people who are not pro Sant but I think the feeling is in general these channels need to be responsible and portray the correct messages. They are mediums of parchaar not toys for you or me to play with. We can't just go on blabbing what we feel like. There needs to be some accountability. Jumping to conclusions and judging people is not the role for a Sikh or Sikh Channel.

It is easy to do character assasinations. The hard task is too keep unity. Seems the channels have taken the easy option.

I think my direct debit will also be gone in the very near future.

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i think sikhchannel needs to apoligize if they want to come out clean. they also have done good work.

but making dhadrian wale baba ji look bad, this is serious mistake and they need to pay for it, or they can apologize in front of sangat.

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the sikh channel do brillaint parchar and have helped manny people obtain a general basic knowledge of sikhi.

however at the same time, due to not vetting or on purpose allowing misguided individuals on tv knowingly they have caused great harm aswell.

it was same sikh channel that did first live event from india and huge media hype on baba ranjit singh initially.

if only we were this concerned and proactive when the channel presenters and panel openly call sri guru granth sahib ji a book - dr jagbir, sikh channel was approached and after meetings etc failed to appologise on air.

dr udhoke speaking against sri dasam bani in a show. likewise panel members speaking against dasam bani and pro prof darshan sio.

there are several things that have happened in the past.

again the channels are needed and we all do definately need to support them, but at the same time they need to do gurmat parchar and not try and cater for everyone. whats sikhi should be said, what isnt should be refrained from.

this is not only a problem with sikh channel, sangat tv have made several major blunders aswell, which we all know about, and as sikh channel are most likely reading this, i hope they do take these concerns on board, and do understand that its not an attack on them, but general observation.

why is jaswant thekedar, mohinder rataul, dr jagbir etc allowed on tv? half are gurbani nindaks, thekedar called sant ji congress, its in sant jis tapes and is a sell out.

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daas agrees with Khalistaan-Zindabaad ji,

We should not cancel subscriptions to Sikh Channel. There are positives and negatives from both channels, however they are all we have in terms of sikh television channels.

Look at the role of the media in bhai balwant singh ji rajoana's case as well as news from ludhiana incident. We got direct footage from sri Akal Takht when they issued hukkamnama fro bhai Balwant Singh ji, the whole Sikh panth could watch proceedings from their living rooms.

Now we need some good Gursikhs with good grasp of Gurmat and good Gursikhi jeevan to come on the shows and do parchar of Gurmat. Banning certain parcharaks will mot work, lets go on these talk shows and debate them. We can defeat anti-panthic forces.

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As i mentioned in other thread.

I watched the above video by sant ranjit singh ji, he showed great character of gursikh in that video by clarifying his side respectfully and naming everything under "sri guru granth sahib ji" name...it was very good video and emotional one...if someone read his early life, one will know his life is based on jaap, tap, biaraag under guidance of sant karam singh ji rara sahib wale who was jori dar and sevadar of sant isher singh ji rara sahib wale.

On a side note: Vancouver/Surrey is hot bed for nastik/anti dasam granth/comrad/ultra right wing/ultra lefties type sikh people. It's shame in beautiful place like BC, it unfortunate to find bunch of fussar panthis of every kind, virtually every where, all they do is fight via radio station, every day there is an character assassination at the punjabi radio program in BC instead of going out there - do simran and enjoy beautiful nature.

Youth take over sikh gurdwaras there is probably the best thing happen to BC sikh community after long time..hopefully, youth will rise above from these petty character assassination attempts and focus on real message of sant mahapursh rather than first putting sant mahapursh on pedestal in haste first then with same haste shooting the messenger(sant mahapursh) right after.

anyway enough with my rant...!!

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Let's also look at the other side of the equation, i.e. sometimes (sometimes) we need these institutions to bring matters to light that the sangat would otherwise be completely unaware of. Although in this case Sikh Channel have gone overboard and completely over-stepped the mark, some Babeh and Mahapurash must feel that their indiscretions will always be exposed no matter what they do. There must be no place to hide if you are a religious figure trading on telling us what we should do in our daily lives and preaching to us what is right and wrong.

A greater tragedy would be if sangat is duped by a (hypothetical) baba who is saying all the right things in public but getting up to all sorts behind closed doors. If Sikh Channel or another source exposed such duplicity we'd be the first to congratulate that channel for doing such great seva.

So like I said, in this particular instance there was no regulation or extremely limited use of intelligence utilised that allowed such unfounded claims to be brought to public attention. But if we "scare off" Sikh TV channels from ever exposing any genuinely fraudulent figures then ultimately it is the sangat who will suffer.

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