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Future Prediction / Canada By Sant Baba Shisha Singh

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19 minutes ago, Arsh1469 said:

Prophesies are usally incorrect. I personally don't think anything will happen to Canada any time soon but what Giani Ji said could possibly happen. I mean all nations fall but new ones take their place. Don't think to much about prophesies. Those who worry about the future need to care about the present.

Not sure that's true Ji. You've measured and researched prophecies in depth?

Even if true, fakes only exist to mimic the genuine. Like Sants. 

Should be prepared for apocolypse at all times. All generations.

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4 minutes ago, Arsh1469 said:

There were hundreds maybe thousands of prophecise (you may say conspiracy theories) about how the world would end in like 2011 or 12 something like that. Thakur Singh was like in the next 5 years in apocalypse would happen but in the end nothing happened. 

If you know any prophesies of the past that have been right please share them.

Busy. But sure. Ill get back to it. 

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