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Future Prediction / Canada By Sant Baba Shisha Singh

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19 minutes ago, Arsh1469 said:

If you know any prophesies of the past that have been right please share them.

Some people say that 1984 was predicted by sau sakhi but that book has been altered to the point that we don't know what's true or not...

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On 7/22/2021 at 3:39 AM, GurjantGnostic said:

Busy. But sure. Ill get back to it. 


Okay. So. Firstly. The Mayans didn't claim the world would end. We all did when we found their calendar ended or reset on a certain day in 2012. 

So they were timing something. What that was exactly is debateable. 

So if we use 2012 as our referenece it doesn't really necessarily relate to prophecies. 

Not saying what the Yogi says in this video is true, but it is entirely possible that 2012 coincided more with an event like he is describing than the apocolypse people envisioned. 

Surprised I could even find the video. I watched that when it came out just in passing lol. 

Personally I think what we have experienced is the transitionary phase into Kalyug ending and now we are in full Kalyug without the remaining influence of the past Yugh. I've encountered years related to yughs more accurate than what he describes. His years are short from what I gather. 

As far as predictions coming true many people have accurately predicted things. From mystics, to holy people, and even weird sources. 

For example. 


Now when we talk about things like Dharam Yudh, Khalsa Raj, the prophecies of the book of Revelations and things like this, the reinversion of the heart lotus of this place, or the resumption of Natural Order that's a huge event. Coming of Kalki Avtar? Huge. Predictions about that are only going to happen once really. 

Here's another perspective. 


Now, prophecy aside. Every generation must train and prepare for events like this, or they won't be ready and capable when it does ultimately happen. 

Society, the globe, the world itself is severely...unstable...drained..strained and stained. 

We could easily suffer environmental and economic consequences. 

Now, when major prophecies include north america as an epicenter, and you see what's happening here and around the world one might want to take note and be gone or ready. 

You don't have to get ready, if you stay ready, and I think we could all learn from mormon preparedness. When the dry goods need to be rotated we could simply cook the reserves into langar. Sikhs worldwide should have water, and food production and storage as a community and rotate out stored goods for new goods. Have basic weaponry. And then it doesn't matter what happens. We should just be set up for the apocolypse and helping each other and those that surround us at all times. 

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You do not want to be unarmed, with no food or water in the middle of a continent of crazy rednecks with food and guns. End of story. 

And for some of these whackos it's race war and you are in the crosshairs. 

As a race traitor I would not be safe around these dudes even with my melanin deficiency. 

You have a variety of whacked out racist groups from the highly succesful corporate high tech security forces, to religous organizations, to poor white trash militias and they are all scary and just praying it pops off and they get to do ill things. 

Our own federal entities are afraid of each other. The military is afraid of fema. The us military...is afraid of fema. Afraid of the EPA. Afraid of a variety of federal personnel we've encountered with way too much heavy weaponry and no reason to have it. 

The least we can do as a Paanth is wells, water, food, and weapon caches, medicine, arms and training and a lifestyle that is resilient, self reliant, and self determined as possible. 

Even then, mayhem. We would have to link with all like minded people for our protection and the ability to protect others and resources. 

The Yakuza, Yamabushi and Ninja clans all saved Japan repeatedly by being shadow powers during the repeated wars that Japan fought against itself. During times of chaos. And we should be prepared to survive and help others survive the same way no matter when it is. 

And if something major happens remember it is not necessarily our job to survive. It's to fight Dharam Yudh with our head already given to our Beloved Guru. Who we can not even be a proper sacrifice to one time. 

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