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Future Prediction / Canada By Sant Baba Shisha Singh

Guest Gupt87

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Guest Gupt87

Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru Ji kee Fateh

I heard in one of Giani Thakur Singh ji's katha that Sant Shisha Singh during their visit to Canada told the sangat everything about the future in Canada. They said to them that the houses will be all reduced to rubbles and people will be sleeping on stones etc and to goto India you will then have to travel through ships...

Can someone tell me more about this? When Sant ji visited Canada/Which City and if they heard or know someone who might have heard their katha/vichaar to share more with the sangat.

Found this page about Sant Shisha Singh ji http://www.langarsah...ishaSinghji.asp

bhul chuk maaf

Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru ji kee fateh

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1 hour ago, Singh1989 said:

I seriously hope this won't be during our time. 

Well Hanji....about that.... I'd be contemplating moving out of north america, to other places where things will still be rough. Or consider yourself part of a nested Fauj who's role it is to Degh, Tegh, Fateh, Dharam Yudh, the epicenter. 

The mormons and others are way better prepared than we are. 

We all need a relationship with wells, food production, food storage, essential medicine and weapons. City Sikhs need rural counterparts and the rural areas need to be prepared to serve as hold outs, and training grounds. 

I'm not sure where if anywhere is safe really but if you live in north america you're signing up for one heck of a show. 

When that is, is debateable, but prophecy aside, the whole world is unstable and sick. 

And all sources are converging on the importance of this time right now. 

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