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Don't overlook the fact that some of those girls that do this ARE from families that do not promote those secular values and have a religious upbringing. Watch the SAS video that's in the 2nd post and see for yourself.

Complex mixtures of attention, attraction, self-esteem (low or overconfidence), naivety, excitement, biological and social factors all come into play here (amongst other things I presume), I don't think simplistic interpretations of the matter helps combat the problem?

I have seen many of these Sikh girls whose fathers are Amritdharis. Again, these girls have little or no religious values. Most of them cant and don't do Paath. They have little or no knowledge of Sikhi. They are pretty much the same as girls whose fathers are Monas. On the other hand, I have seen Sikh girls who are raised with religious values since childhood, they do Paath on a regular basis, love doing Kirtan. Such girls will almost always marry a Sikh. Only some very rare exception will you find such a girl going astray. Such girls are the kind of girls we need to raise our girls as.

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You both are right (DalSingh101 and Jonny101).

Problem firstly lies with parents, but there is also very real problems that DalSingh101 mentioned. Sometimes (rarely) despite right upbringing (as realistically not everyone is perfect) things go very wrong.

Most parents don't teach their children their dharam though which is a big problem.

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Public enquiry now into the failings of the Police, CPS and Social Services in their negligence to protect 'children' from Pakistani grooming gangs.

This should be a Judge led enquiry and ALL participants made to swear under oath.

The Police failed to serve and protect.

The CPS are meant to prosecute if there is enough evidence and also if a case is in the public interest.

The Social Services provided no services to the children.

Enough is enough the Police, CPS and Social Services need to be in the dock to answer for their failings.

A public apology to Shere Panjab is in order after all they brought the issue up of grooming over a generation ago.

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The best way to prevent our kuria from doing the kind of things they do is to stop their secular upbringing. When we give an innocent child secular values instead of religious values what will we expect them to do when they get young? obviously they will put khay on the heads of their parents(and the community). I still don't understand why everyone here blames the other community for targeting our girls. No one is putting a gun to the heads of our girls when they act slutty and go out with men from other communities and eventually get abused. If you play with fire, you're gonna get burned.

Religious values need to be instilled into our kurian since childhood. Only then can we expect better results. Until then, expect more of our kurian doing the things they do. Look at Muslims, no matter how non religious they are, they will always give their girls religious values and keep them away from the secular values.

Let's not forget that our young girls are the future mothers of the Sikhs. if they are going to go clubbing, drinking, go out with boys, what kind of values(sanskaars) are they going to pass on to their children? this is how societies decay and degrade. If a mother has rotten values, it is very likely that is what her children will also be.

Absolutely hit the nail on the head, bro. If our community could understand this we wouldn't be having these problems and Sikh families would be strong, making a strong community and strong nation. Our girls have become lawyers, doctors, managers.......how many mothers do we have who know how to bring up kids properly ? The day our girls become proper mothers, we won't have to ask others for raaj, it will come and fall at our feet. The most important thing is character and once this is lost everything is lost.

In addition to avoiding secular values we need to stay away from feminism which our lot are trying to present as being part of Sikhi, which it is most definitely not. We are paying a heavy price for abandoning our old culture/values and adopting this modern day gutter culture where sharam, izzat, anakh have no value.

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Let's not kid ourselves, plenty of elements from our own culture like excess drinking, status obsessing and a willingness to compromise values for success, party mentality, ostentation, casteism and other shallow stuff is enough to produce ethically confused daughters - so it's not all down to 'outside influence'.

This attitude that we would be near perfect were it not for bad, external influences is a joke.

Yes, i get what is being said about the corroding influences of white 'sexually liberated' feminism and consumerism on our society, but to make out like we don't have our own internally generated garbage is just being in a delusion.

We have to fight both things concurrently. We have too much scape goating going on, where everything is blamed on others sometimes.

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