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Edl Tommys Best Speech Yet?

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This aint a real EDL guy this guy is just trying to mock the EDL how they would tweet and think but in the process he's come off looking like a <banned word filter activated> inciting violence against Sikhs. Think he has since deleted his twitter profile cant seem to find it.

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firstly bhaji, this is not a speech but an interview.

For me the important part of this interview was when he reminded how british forces have been sent to places to PROTECT muslim communities such as Bosnia, Albania, and now the Muslim world is asking for assistance in Syria.

I would welcome the Uk govt telling them that there is going to be no assistance of any kind, military, financial or even medicinal. Sort it out yourselves, because then you will be accusing us of killing muslims.

The iraqi and afghan public loved the western forces when they got rid of saddam/taliban, but it soon changed when they realised that the west wanted the electoral process to dominate rather than fascism.

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Whatever your thoughts about EDL please do not take out your frustration on the Gas and Electricity giant EDF. Apparently, over the last few days, the French utility giant has been receiving hate mail from people demanding to know why they, as a public company, were out in the streets of Woolwich trying to convert people to facism. :biggrin2:


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    • Just be a good person, practice Gurbani and don’t hurt others. People should be good because it’s the right thing to do, not for the fear of hell. 
    • True. We desire a fleeting illusion. As Gurbani says, we trade the    True 
    • Sikhs do eat meat Jhakta only not Halal ... Is you bf from Sikhi background?  You have really got your self in a mess..everyone makes mistakes some do go off the rails but having an abortion is serious. If you got preg than you should have just told them i dont think they would have let you have abortion regardless how they feel about your bf. Maybe married you 2 off and had your baby would been better. You are still young and seems head over heels for him. Does he want to be with your forever? Does he want marry you? I mean if he was ok to have abortion than than is quite telling about him. How important is Sikhi to you? If Sikhi isn't than really doesn't matter what you do..your life.  You'll be adult soon and your parents or bf doesn't matter, as much as how YOU feel about your decisions and mistakes you made. You yourself will have to live with decisions you made. Only you yourself know whether you feel guilty and truly sorry about what you did or not. If Sikhi is important to you, then you need to ask Guru for forgiveness and get your self respect back. You need to let go of the bf, clearly hes no good, even though it may seem the end of the world and he's the only things matters in world, but it only temp. Where do you see yourself 5 years 10 years? Get yourself education, go college, get job, become independent make your life first, than when time is right you'll get married. You have to be responsible for your actions. You are the one that will live with it. Maybe not good idea to tell parents right now, tell them when you sorted you life out and on right track.  What is he leave and finds another girl. What will you do? You can end up is serious downward spiral and turn drugs, alcohol, and even the worse not want to live anymore. You need to be honest with yourself, if you feel bad and he's no good for you, than let him go and sort your life out.   
    • No one is asking Sikhs in India to take up arms and start Khalistan movement. What diaspora Sikhs want is that Sikhs in India at least acknowledge that they have 2nd class status in India and that this has to change. When diaspora tweet or post on facebook about these kind of atrocities on Sikhs, then you are guaranteed that some Sikhs from India will accuse the poster of 'hating' and being an ISI operative or a Pakistani i disguise.  Another thing  I can't stand is those idio.t Sikhs in India who have the Indian flag on their profiles. This is the same flag under which our people were massacred in Durbar Sahib and this is the same flag that the criminal Indian army raised on top of the compex to show that they had won in their war against the Sikhs.   
    • wat do u expect from manmukhs? Gurbani is full of tuķks describing manmukhs as liars, jealous, thankless, full of kaam krodh hatred.....
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