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Head To Head: When Crazy Takes On A New Face

Only five

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I recommend Sikhs watch this episode where a "modern Muslim" is expressing her views. Her views are an eye opener because of how extreme her views are. Well I won't get personal, but some Sikhs need to look really hard in the mirror and see if they see this woman in them. I don't agree much with Islam, but this women is just another extremist from the opposite side.


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Good one, she does remind me of ex right wing female member tired of right wing rhetoric or tired of listening extreme views of right to the point she totally revolted to left wing extreme. I have two examples which i shared in the past from our community. Both right wing and left wing are definitely very dangerous mindset...on a light note both right wing and left wing people do make perfect couple .. Anyway, glad we have gurmat who is neither right wing nor left wing but center of universe to balance everything out.. Vahiguroo

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This is not directed towards any one particular member of this forum specifically, just my own general observation, so please correct me if you think I am wrong.

All these people who posts extensively against Islam, who/what are they? Have you guys thought for a second that they could be Muslims themselves disguised as Sikhs over here dissing their own faith, just so you start researching on it and (hopefully for them you might not know much on Sikhi either) you end up screwing your brains out and eventually converting to Islam? Ever heard of reverse psychology?

Reverse psychology is a technique involving the advocacy of a belief or behavior that is opposite to the one desired, with the expectation that this approach will encourage the subject of the persuasion to do what actually is desired: the opposite of what is suggested.


We do know that they are "allowed" to disguise themselves, right? You never know who is the person advocating hate.

Same goes for Hindus. All those who are preaching hatred for Hindus/Hinduism on here, do you guys have any idea at all who those folks are? This is the Internet people, do NOT trust everyone or everything they say. For all we know, the next person who disses Hindus on here could be a RAW/GOI agent looking for those who are ready to gather and fight. I suspect those guys possibly read these forums regularly. Also don't forget, there were sarkaari agents within the Kharkoo groups who caused the downfall of the entire movement. Ragi Darshan used to say a Sikh is not a Sikh unless he is a Khalistani. Now see his true colors! He walks around with armed Hindu commandos guarding him.

So just watch out! Again, I repeat, this is not directed towards any one particular member of this forum specifically, just my own general observation, so please correct me if you think I am wrong. I also apologize if this offends any brother/sister. I am not an alarmist or scare monger trying to cause mistrust. But be very careful. Reverse psychology is used by intelligence people all the time to get those who they want to get.

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@methab Singh

Except Islam actually is evil lolol.

And she's ugly so who cares, she's never gonna amount to anything and that's basically what muslims are, the trolls of the world.

Ever wonder why they're concentrated in the armpit regions (deserts) of the world, exactly.

They die of thirst on their way to punjab, and we just mop up the rest.

That's what's been happening, and we'll continue to make that happen.

Raj Karega Khalsa

Aaki Rehe Na Koi


Would love to go on one of these debates and destroy them. You don't even have to say much, you point out

hes a pedo, they attempt to enslave, etc.

and at the end that they can't fight for .

Say you can debate all you want, but if it came to a gun battle you lose every time, so stay on your side of the barbed wire until we're ready to nuke you.

There's no point talking to people who are set to eat the world's heart out, you can only battle them.

I've dealt with muslims in positions of 'power' from different ethnicites and beside some exceptions there's always a few with sticks up their using the deen to get the money they feen for.

edit - Remember that muslims are still people, just that their panth encourages, no requires the vile behavior that other ones tell people to stay away from.

Muslims are the five chors. :p

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