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Where To Give Dasvandh?


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Great thread !!

I don't think that we have anyone who is practically running prachar based organization in india. I like to see a project running a simple sikh prachar program based on the principles/ethics/modernity tools of the western world. What we need is maximum output but with limited input of maya and kursi baji.

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Although kesri lehar do not ask for daswand, its proberbly worth asking why Parmjit Sohal (former staunch supporter of Jagjit Chauhan) felt it necessary to register a private ltd company as soon as 23rd april 2012. If theres no daswand then why have a company that costs money for filing accounts and risk fines for not filing said accounts??

I'm sure Mr Sohal has a very reasonable explanation for this......would love to hear it though.

Ps Mr Moderator......cam'on now!!

How many years has it been???


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i do believe that we need to make change in the Sikh community and organisations and the best way to do it is with our MONEY

if a gurdwara asks you for building fund then ask them what they are doing for the community or the youth - and ask them what use are big buildings when there's no parchaar

we were recently told by a gurdwara they wouldn't pay for a kirtan teacher because they need money as they want to extend the building

to which i said "what use is a building if there's no sangat"

when gurdwara people ask sangat for money everyone feels obliged because its religious and we should give, but i say DONT

give it to Khalsa Aid, SOPW, widow colony,Sikh Helpline, Basics of Sikhi, , Sikh awareness society . anywhere that is actively doing something to help the community

and tell the gurdwara comittees we DO NOT NEED MASSIVE BUILDINGS !

if we don't give them the money then they cant make useless empty buildings.

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