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Mehtab Singh

One Killer Defends Another

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Former DGP of Punjab KPS Gill, who had served as security advisor to the Gujarat chief minister in 2002, has said that Narendra Modi cannot be blamed for post-Godhra riots as it is the job of the police leadership to respond to law and order situations.

"In law and order situations, it is the police leadership which has to respond and not the political leadership," Gill said when asked by reporters about his assessment of Modi's handling of post-Godhra events.

He was speaking at the launch of his biography- 'KPS Gill: The Paramount Cop' last night, which was attended by eminent personalities like Punjab Kesari Group editor-in-chief Vijay Kumar Chopra, Indian Express editor-in-chief Shekhar Gupta, former CBI director PC Sharma and others.

In the book, Gill has lavished praise on Modi saying he had "sincere" intentions to end the violence and accused other parties of trying to defame him.

"I realised that people of all political parties who were anti-Modi and anti-BJP were taking advantage of this mayhem and making all efforts to defame Modi one way or the other," he says.

He charged the policemen and the administration had become communal after the incident in Godhra and Modi, who had just become the chief minister, did not have proper grip over the state machinery.

Speaking to reporters, he said that after taking charge as the security advisor of the state, he had visited all places where violence had taken place and policemen from top to bottom refuted having received any direction of the type being mentioned.

He also said a majority of the deaths in the riots had taken place in 5-6 incidents.

Addressing the audience, Gill said some of his family members did not like his comments.

He told reporters that while his family members had been reading newspapers, he had experienced the developments.

Gill had been appointed in May, 2002, as the security advisor to Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi to bolster efforts to effectively check communal violence in the state.

Vijay Kumar Chopra, editor-in-chief of Punjab Kesari, lauded Gill's stint as DGP of Punjab and said he had "infused a new life in a lifeless police force".

Comparing Gill with legendary Sikh general Hari Singh Nalwa, Chopra said he has been a big factor in restoring normalcy in the state wracked by militancy in 1980s.

Shekhar Gupta said he had the fortune to be a fellow traveller who witnessed Gill as a police officer in Assam where his reading of ground reality was far more realistic than those around him.

He added that in his interactions with Gill during his reporting years, he realised that even in Punjab he could diagnose and predict situations with great clarity.

PC Sharma said Gill thoroughly backed officers who had worked under him.

The biographer Rahul Chandan said he had grown up in Punjab and heard stories about Gill and felt he had engaged in a worthwhile pursuit.


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i always wonder why Guru Sahib has not yet punished this butcher? I am curious to know what his own family thinks of this guy? How they treat him? Is he ever going to pay for his evil actions?

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I am curious to know what his own family thinks of this guy? How they treat him?

I once had an argument through the internet with a guy from Rajasthan who claimed KPS Gill was his Uncle. I initially thought that maybe his family would feel ashamed of him, but this guy seemed pretty shameless to say the least. He was all proud that KPS Gill was his uncle and he was acting all Fukra/Hankaari about it too. I asked him what about all the youth that he killed and women raped and innocent family members who were also killed for no reason on his orders. Instead of replying to that he kept on saying how no one in Punjab messes with him out of fear because he is related to KPS Gill. So it seems his family must be pretty shameless if that guy was really related to him.

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He has tried to exonerate Indira Gandhi of attacking Sri Akal Takht Sahib as well.

More than 29 years after the controversial Operation Bluestar in June of 1984, Punjabs former Director General of Police Kanwar Pal Singh Gill has claimed that then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi would not have allowed the operation, but was wrongly advised to do so as it was presented as the only option by her advisors.

The operation - much criticised and scrutinised over nearly three decades -- was to storm the Amritsars Golden Temple with tanks of the Indian Army to flush out Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his band of armed supporters.

The official biography of the supercop titled KPS Gill The Paramount Cop released here tonight, also the death anniversary of Indira Gandhi, talks candidly of the role played by the 1957-batch Assam cadre IPS officer in tackling militancy in Punjab. Authored by Rahul Chandan, the 244-page book presents Gills opinion of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and PV Narsimha Rao and has passing references to VP Singh and Chandrashekhar, all Prime Ministers during the dark days of militancy in Punjab.

On Operation Bluestar, the author quotes Gill as having said: (It) was conducted in a hasty manner and without thinking what impact it would have on the hearts and minds of Sikhs. The book says Gill told his fellow officers: Dont understand how Mrs Gandhi can order such an operation.

In what could be seen as a sort of clean-chit to Indiras decision to order the operation, Gill is quoted as having said: As far as Operation Bluestar is concerned, I know as being a witness to the secular credentials of Mrs Gandhi, she would have never have let that happen had she been advised properly. Advisors of Mrs Gandhi were not guiding her properly and the problem at hand they told her was a mountain whereas it was only a small hill.

Gill, who was posted as IG BSF at Jammu in January 1984 and later posted as IG Punjab Armed Police in September that year, says Operation Bluestar can never be justified and blames the Prime Ministers Office for it, but stops short of naming anyone in the Indira-led PMO. The Army, however, is not to blame for this botched-up operation; it was acting on the specific direction of the PMO and had been given little time to prepare.

The book says Operation Bluestar and the November 1984 Sikh massacres were the two most significant happenings for the cause of Khalistan inflicted upon the nation by its own government. These two events in combination, gave a new lease of life to a movement, which could have easily been contained in 1984 itself, it says.

Giving reasons for militancy in Punjab, the book says: One of the factors of militancy in Punjab was the high-level of complicity of New Delhi. Eager to consolidate its political hold over the state, the ruling party at the Centre (Congress) was prepared to ignore political violence.

Gill goes on to speak about Rajiv Gandhi and the conduct of Operation Black Thunder in 1988: (Rajiv) He had a very good grasp of what was happening and how it should be tackled. He was personally very honest... If any of his decisions didnt go well, the fault lay with people who surrounded him.

The supercop also narrates how PV Narimsha Rao (1991-1996) gave him a free hand and how Punjab Chief Minister late Beant Singh was keen to tackle militancy.

The book also reveals the genesis of Gills friendship with internal security ex-minister late Rajesh Pilot. Both were together in Shillong when Gill was a young IPS officer and Pilot was serving the Air Force as a fighter pilot. Pilot died in a road accident in 2000 and Gill retired from the IPS in 1995.


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He probably gets a huge amount of money from the Indian Govt for services rendered, he wants to make sure that he is in with the BJP and Congress so that it continues after the next election.

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