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Bhang should not be consumed during war time. You will lose your focus. Watch this video:

Thank God this man did not did not drink Bhang, or else we can only guess where that Neja would have end up.

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Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh!

I too agree @singhdhillion Ji it is becoming an addiction. Of course there are some nihangs or gursikhs who know the real use and when to use it. Just as some know when it was "appropriate" to eat meat.

Forgive with any mistakes I have made I hope guru and sangat can forgive my mistakes.

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There is no doubt that Sikhs back in days were constantly fighting with Mughals and use of bhang was purely for medicinal use only. Just like in today's world, doctor gives steroid medicine to those who suffer great pain of arthritics.

However, nihangs made culture and trend now and there is no war but a vehlapan in most dals. So, yes this should be taken out of sikhi culture now.

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I don't know where to start on this topic but will try my best. This is going to take a minute to explain but hope its worth your while.

I can't stress enough that sikhi isn't a religion, it's a spiritual livity as not only our book the GGS but our Gurus also reflected off nature. All religions correspond off the laws in the world today.. Sikhi was created to make a difference from that. Don't become part of the world problem that can't see it self. Life is much more vivid and simple than it seems.

Sikhs nature and common sense for understanding. Not manmade laws. Nature has no law.

There's a huge misconception on  Cannabis being a intoxicant worldwide. When the british came over and kidnapped Maharaja Duleep Singh.. they were in control of a lot.. so they started telling people that Indica and Sativa is bad for you.. so that they can make money by bringing their pharmaceutical drugs over and make profits from them. Thats why its illegal in the first place otherwise no one would be dying from cancer. Cancer is manmade. No one used to die from it back in the day.

A few of the Dal Khalsa misls (especially a very large misl called the bhungi misl). The nihangs used to drink it all the time cause it really was like any other plant to them and still is. You can see for yourself they have kept to that order. It is great for joints, cuts, and anti-inflammatory as well as digestion. So the Akali's didn't take before war.. they took it after because the amount of sword-wielding and injuries. 

I also recommend that you or anyone else.. sikh or any origin or way of life to visit gurudwara fort Anandpur Sahib. You will see how Guru Gobind Singh felt towards Sukhnidhaan. A lot of gurudwaras and old fortresses are surrounded by the plant and natural ganja is much stronger and safer than synthetic/hydroponic cannabis.

Sikhs had a independent kaum whereas actual India never did. Sikh Empire wasn't influenced by anyone else until the gore came along. So the same way the british convinced everyone that Duleep Singh left all by himself to England happened in the same way with a lot of things. Like the herb and raja Lal Singh (traitor who beat the british in the battles then turned his back on the rest of the army) as well as the british altering Maharaja Ranjit Singh's stone. 

As humans we are able to consume the herb (ganja) and elephants drink Maruba from trees (we think they're drunk but they aren't..they're just very happy in a mellow mood) as muslims back in the day used to force elephants to take it in heavy amounts in war.. which is abuse.. same with the herb.. drink it in isolation/meditation.. its not for socialising or any other use whatsoever.  Goats also take a type of water plant for their sexual pleasure.  Butterflies get a pleasurable feeling off certain forest fruit. The list goes on.. This is Nature/Fate.

Like how Bhai Bachittar Singh took down a drunk elephant with a nagini spear. 

So to call it bhung or weed is actually a big disrespect to nature cause its not actually a weed or algae at all.

Its actually just like any other plant..  don't be selective. (It has certain types of leaves and it also has a female and male)

Ask yourself how many drugs are taken in their raw form? None. They are all altered but the herb is fully raw and pure.

GGS.. explains that a sikh is to not consume any alcohol, tobacco or intoxicants & don't abuse the body. If you was to drink shaheedi degh everyday (although very unnecessary unless you're a nihang constantly on the move).. Nihangs are nomadic by the way. Its not the herbs and roots that will harm you.. it would be the sugar in it. 

its an intoxication to smoke the herb cause you're putting monoxide all over your lungs from the heat.. but Sukha is not an intoxicant itself at all. This is actual nasha cause it's intended for 1 thing only. 

Cannabinoids are already in our body and other plants like Echinacea and Strawflower. Mangoes also contain the same terpenes as Shaheedi Degh (Martyrs Elixir). 

It has nothing to do with THC levels or Sativa/Indica.. but that doesn't mean you start picking out very strong roots.. The Akali's would pick whats in front of them and that's that. 

Nihangs used it for the wars and battles however if you use it today.. don't abuse it just for the feeling.. use it for a burn wound or a muscle tear or joint issue or something that's giving you a hard time to your physical health.. mental stress does not count. The Shaheeds have already proved that.

Spirituality and peace before law just as Guru Hargobind Sahib has already shown by his actions.

I hope this was informative and helps people clear their minds on this aspect of life.

Stay True. Stay Pure. 

 Sat Sri Akal.




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