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Next speeches to come from Punjab CM Prakash Singh Badal - ISI and Pakistan behind Guru Granth Sahib Swaroop Beadbi. This is the first of those series -

There was talk about a terrorist being captured alive on PTC news last night I believe, either that or another Indian news channel. I bet soon he'll "confess" to being behind all this.

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http://dailysikhupdates.com/close-to-majithia-akali-leader-of-amritsar-upkar-singh-sandhu-resigns/ Amritsar chief of the Shiromani Akali Dal and chairman of the Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA

See that is exactly where we're straying from the path. Nowhere did I say Dhadrianwale is this or that. I didn't say he's an agent and neither did he say he's a saint. What I said is that we, as a com

suspended the panj pyare? how is that even possible? Panja pyare = the guru.....so theyve suspended the guru? Makkar is an A grade c**t! Wat a bunch of PDL's these chamchay r man, the akali dal r on

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events showing police brutality

I could be wrong but I think this video is from protests that were held against ashutosh some years ago.

It's from Ludhiana, years ago. Some <banned word filter activated> falsely titled it that.

And we need to stop worshipping these baby, they don't have an ounce of warrior spirit within them. Give the leadership to Rajoana, Hawara, or even people like Harpal Singh Cheema. I wouldn't be surprised if these babay help shut down the protests in order to be the next jathedar. I may be wrong however, their intentions could be good.

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How dumb does this soor da nassal think we all are? Im actually shocked this is the best he can come up with! The bjp used the akali dal in an alliance to get a foothold into panjab. Now theyve used him n thrown him away, he now makes an alliance with a fake guru and anti sikh personality, who along with their supporters burn and tear our guru jis saroops. I told all of u few months back that the "terrorist" attack on gurdaspur was a false flag n was staged to distract every1 from bapu surat singhs strike. Now they have convienently timed this mass beadbi to coincide with bapus demise and the fake akal takht jathedars forgivness to ram rahim.

U cudnt make this up, any1 who still doesnt kno wats happening n y, go n get help! All this is doin, is converting all those sikhs, particularly sikhs in india, into khalistanis! Just look online n c the marches, flags and slogans. So apparntly "no one in panjab wants khalistan" they say, meh, wat t@tti!

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What most people don't want is the violence and chaos of the 80's 90's to return, thats why most now shy away from the topic of Khalistan. It is not because they love India so much lol, I doubt that,

Oh ta menu vi patah ya, but im talkin bowt those fuddus, esp panjabi hindu and dopey sardars who try tellin us wat ppl back home really want n dont want. Screw em tho,we will have independance soon. Some big incident will defo trigger this off, referendum in 2020 apprntly too.

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Oh ta menu vi patah ya, but im talkin bowt those fuddus, esp panjabi hindu and dopey sardars who try tellin us wat ppl back home really want n dont want. Screw em tho,we will have independance soon. Some big incident will defo trigger this off, referendum in 2020 apprntly too.

I wasn't disagreeing with you bro, I find those people annoying too. They're just cowards or overly patriotic Indian fools.

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News Alert: Heavy Army presence at Jalandhar - Ludhiana highway.


looks like BJP hinduvta plans are going forward , best to rethink strategy,Panthpreet is pushing for people to stay on streets again but allow rehdrian to go through in the mornings.

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    • Backdoor to Britain (via Turkey): How airline passengers flying from 'red list' destinations are avoiding costly £1,750 UK quarantine by staying for 10 days in Istanbul hotels for a quarter of price Rules state people returning to UK from red list countries need hotel quarantine  But UK regulations only impact people coming from red list areas in last ten days It means people are flying to non-red list destinations on the way back They stay there for ten days at fraction of the cost before flying home    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9548827/Airline-passengers-flying-red-list-destinations-avoiding-costly-1-750-UK-quarantine.html
    • I think Corbyn demoting one of his own female councilors (Sarah Champion), because she dared to speak up about pak grooming in her constituency said it all. I come from a traditionally Labour supporting background but after the international havoc created by Blair and his American puppet master, I went right off that. That isn't to say that the Tories weren't keen as hell to jump into those wars as well btw.  Honestly speaking, I think the pandemic has been handled quite well in the UK, despite continual attempts by Tories to racialise it. If we are going to get into the matter of apnay's political donutery, especially in relation to angreezis, that's a whole subject in itself, spanning centuries.........   apnay blokes can be as gullible a hell. Which is surprising because normally chors and hairaa feerhee karan walay are usually quite good at recognising other people who operate along these lines??? But with too many apnay, they seem to seriously think chunnhnah shines out of angreezis bhund. lol  
    • No I don't think so that he lists the source. I hv heard it's mentioned in bhai bala vali janamsakhi and has the paathh of 7 shloks too. There is another gita of Guru Nanak Dev ji of about 100 shloks with the udasis which is in Sanskrit. Udasis claim it was recited by Guru Nanak Dev ji to Sri Chand ji and Sri chand ji wrote it. It used to be in print but no more as modern Sikhs hv given up reading literature. Gurwinder Singh nangli , a great scholar at baba bakala Sahib has it's printed copy. His no. +91 9914647591
    • This being said: I'm not remotely keen on 'Sikh protests' myself. I've been to a few, including the first Hyde Park one for 84.  From what I've seen they don't actually get anything achieved apart from giving people from up north or the midlands a day out in central London. 
    • Corbyn messed up the Labour party but at least he had the courage of his convictions, he stood his ground, Starmer's literally done nothing, forget walking the walk he's hot eve talked the talk and now they stand to loose seats to a Tory party who have ended up killing people during the pandemic because of indecision and corruption. Yeah, Sohal, he loves to run his mouth, he's not getting any love on twitter, he's managed to alienate the very people he's meant to be representing, the problem is there's a very high chance he may win, he's been targeting area's that are traditional Tory strongholds (Sutton Coldfield, Solihull), our lot will see the turban and go and vote for him without knowing what they're actually voting for, god help us.
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