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Punjab 2017 Assembly Elections And Sikh Vote


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It is for sure that Akali Dal (Badal) won't get even a single seat in 2017 assembly elections (I am actually wondering how many of Akali candidates Zamanat will be surrendered) and the situation of BJP is not going to be any good.

What I want to start a thread is to brainstorm what are the options for SIKH VOTE as we should definately NOT VOTE FOR Congress which was responsible for 1984 SIKH Genocide.

On the other hand, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is trying to gain strength in Punjab.

I actually like some of the work being done by AAP in Delhi where there is some good development work happening.

Punjab demographics are very interesting - approx. 55% SIKHS, approx. 45% Hindus.

The options in front of SIKHS are -

(a). Allow AAP on all constituencies and allow AAP to cover complete strength in Punjab.

This option eliminates SIKHS completely from the political circles and is something which I personally will never recommend.

(b). Another option is for SAD (MAAN) group to be a little pragmatic, keep a hold on KHALISTAN target for a while, form an alliance with AAP and a shared seat arrangement to contest with AAP.

This option makes it practical to get the Gurudwaras/SGPC out of political clutches of Badal.

©. An option for SAD (MAAN) to win 2017 elections on its own and get a majority on its own is probably not possible as the HINDU vote bank will not vote for SAD (MAAN). Having an alliance with AAP can win the Hindu vote bank in favour of alliance.

SIKHS should NEVER EVER vote for Congress and SHOULD NOT allow Congress/Amarandir Gill to fill the vaccum left by kicking out BADAL.

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Guest Jacfsing2

You do realize that most of the "Sikhs" in Punjab are only Sikh-in-name only? The Sarbat Khalsa had less than 10% of Punjab and that's not only Punjabi people during the event so that's not a legit reason Badal won't win, if he doesn't win he'll just get the president's rule to stop Mann.

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Sukbir Badal is saying Congress is behind all the beadbhi, because they fear Akal/BJP will win again in 2017 so is causing the disharmony in Punjab. it might be true, but whatever happens do not let the idiotic sikhs vote in khanjar badal and his party AGAIN!

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There is no hope.

Every party in Punjab is anti-Sikh except for Mann's party. Mann's party is looked at as a joke so he won't get any votes either.

I'll predict that most Punjabi folk forget all about Badal's crap and vote him back in. I'm sure Badal will have plenty of TVs and alcohol to serve the pendu folks.

I also used to think that Mann's party is finished but the way they and the other Panthic organisations were able to organise and manage the Sarbat Khalsa has given that party a new lease of life. Sikhs were already in two minds whether they would have to rely on a party like AAP with it's use of the odious slogan of 'jai hind' and the Nehru topi in order to bring Punjab out of the clutches of the Badals. The Sarbat Khalsa has now given the Panthic Sikhs a new hope, either SAD (Amritsar) or a new Panthic party composed of all the Panthic jathebandis. The Sarbat Khalsa and the mass attendance there has united the Panth and it is now up to the Panth to take all the opportunities that the next five years present.

1. Baisakhi 2016 Sarbat Khalsa - The attendance here will be much more than the recent Sarbat Khalsa. Those who kept away solely because they thought the state would use violence to stop the recent one will definitely want to attend this one. Even those who were cynical of the whole idea will have been swept away by the emotion of seeing lakhs of Sikhs united in defence of the Guru and the Panth. If the Panth now stays united I have no doubt that the Baisakhi Sarbat Khalsa will be able to get upwards to a million Sikhs attending. This then creates a momentum for the next major date in the calendar.

2. 2016 SGPC elections. Although the Supreme Court has stopped the members who won in 2011 taking charge and Badal has only half heartedly opposed this because both houses were packed with his yes men anyway. But if the SGPC elections were held today then there is no doubt that the Panthic candidates would win a majority. This would be especially easy if the Baisakhi 2016 Sarbat Khalsa has a resolution that a committee of eminent Sikhs will be constituted to choose candidates with impeccable Panthic credentials to fight in the SGPC elections.

3. 2017 Punjab Assembly elections. With the SGPC elections won and with the anti-Badal factor among all Punjabis then the Panthic candidates will have the best opportunity since 1991 Punjab elections to win power and form a true Panthic sarkar.

4. 2020 Referendum. Sikhs for Justice have to commended for this movement. Although some have been quite cynical about this movement citing the fact that no Indian govt would allow such a referendum, this has actually got quite a lot of support from common Sikhs both in Punjab and abroad. What the Panthic govt elected in 2017 needs to do is first clear the corruption that Badal had bought to Punjab and then also to work towards this referendum.

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we need new blood , both in SGPC and Akali dal (Maan) men and WOMEN (more SInghnis will appeal to younger generation) SInce Guru ji gave mandate to SInghnis to do parchaar, kirtan everything then that should be the major call , I mean people like Bibi Preetam Kaur ji, who well respected and daler who would help the panth's future be nutured . I would trust her with administration of Gurdwarey and golak . Bibi Sandeep Kaur could be in charge of lehar to stop female foeticide and adoption, free education for all females. We have real sewa minded chardikala waleyian bibian in the panth who have expertise in different fields . we can make a modern Sikh party which reflects the SIkh ideal of sarbat da bhalla

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AAP leaders in Canada to woo Punjabi NRI diaspora

NEW DELHI: With eyes set on the 2017 Punjab Assembly polls, a delegation of AAP leaders has flown to Canada to woo the NRI Punjabi diaspora settled in the North American country in a bid to strengthen the party's voter base in the state as well as attract overseas donation.

Top AAP leaders Sanjay Singh, also the party's Punjab affairs in-charge, and Ashutosh along with leaders from the state have started holding dialogues with the Punjab natives. Incidentally, it is Singh's second visit to Canada this year ..

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