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Jagraj Singh On Beeb This Sunday @ 10am

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Looking back at the thread.

I posted this before the program was aired:

I think that 'uncle' Lalvani perfectly illustrated this.

The British raj has gone from Panjab, but the psychological legacy it has left on certain brothers and sisters in inferiority complexes still lives on. This needs to be addressed and rectified and not perpetuated onto future generations.
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No Ji. it was the urban Khatris/Banias who were taking the land from Sikhs and Muslim farmers. The Land Alienation Act sought to prevent this by only allowing Jats, Arains, and Rajputs to own land.

The english did this because the land that was being farmed and then taken over by the Khatris/Banias was lying idle and therefore not earning any income for the govt.

ok thanks veer ji , it's been a while since reading about it for me, got it slightly off target ...

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The Big Question - a pretty interesting concept. Have been watching a few other debates, not sure why such a thing isn't a thing here in USA?

A few reasons. The racial and immigrant make-up of the U.S. is slightly different to that of the UK. Plus, there's the longstanding commonwealth and military links between some of the South-East Asian communities and the British, etc., so arguably there's a bit more engagement from both sides, whereas with the U.S. there is that slight distance between the hosts and immigrants from the East, IMO.

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When the British invaded Punjab 1846 -1849 they made off with a huge amount of wealth.When Multan fort was captured by the British its treasury was full of gold and gems and was looted.Also after the Battle of Chillianwallah where the British were defeated they could not take it that a non white army had defeated them in a planned battle. Even today it's hard to find the British defeat mentioned in history books . The British took their revenge at the Battle of Gujrat a few weeks later where the orders were to kill all Sikhs. The British assembled a huge army to do this and we're enthusiasticlly aided by Indian soldiers. This information is usually found in obscure texts of British soldiers like 'Sgt Pearmans memoires' rather than official histories where the British soldiers are said to be disciplined and humane.

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    • First thing, these types of situations aren't anything new to the panth. Second thing, if we don't do different moves to previous ones, how can we expect outcomes to be different? Plus, if he's put his head up above the parapet like that, I'm sure he full well knows where it can go.  I'm sure he's not naive.    They should break out all those people who have been imprisoned for Waheguru knows how long, well after their sentences were completed. Actually that should have been done a long time ago. 
    • Hello everyone! Its a been a minute...How you been? Guess i am back because H*ndus are out full force wanting to k*ll Sikhs ..... We are facing turmoil.... Meanwhile on twitter they going insanse with their genocide threats memes etc I dont even know anymore what there is left.....sick and tired facing injustices  Either Amritpal will be k*illed of or an 'accident' like Deep Sidhu  Its insane last 3 years have been like we are in the same ditch cycle  @dallysingh101 @californiasardar1 @Kaurr @MisterrSingh (and rest i can't remember)
    • There is a lot of false media , false allegations , false whereabouts of Bhai Amritpal Singh. A person who has taken a step , to devote is life in helping :- 1. Those who on drugs 2. A lifeline for those Mothers who see there children ,dosed up in Drugs  3. Telling them to take amrit , do meditation , do seva , read gurbani 4. Stand up for your rights 5. Get together as a kaum  6. Speaking up against atrocities carried out on the minorities   He is deemed as a threat to Punjab , for his actions . How low can the Police , MPs, the leadshership in India go . They are very threatened by Bhai Amritpal Singhs mindset , a mindset to free the Sikhs , and unravel the corruption behind Indias politics.  May waheguru keep Bhai Amritpal Singh in chardikala and give him strength to fight against injustices and wake up the Kaum worldwide regardless of ones background.  
    • There's bus service called Indo-Canadian operating from Delhi to main cities of Punjab (like Ludhiana). Never tried it but I know people who have and heard it's quite safe and stops along the way at restaurants. From Ludhiana, you can take a local bus to Moga city and book a hotel (don't know much about Punjab hotels as I never stayed in one). You can book online for the bus.  I've travelled to Punjab for a long time, as a local of that area, it's perfectly safe. Just take normal pre-cautions. Local shop food in Punjab is safe to eat if you can handle oil, masala's, etc.  You don't have to worry about being targeted because of being Sabat Soorat. Seen plenty of Sabat Soorat men and Nihangs and no one targets them. Police are not an issue, they don't bother anyone whose trying to get by their life normally. You can keep a few hundred rupees in your pocket just in case you do get into trouble with them in an unlikely incident.  To blend in, Try to dress like a local. Wear a white Kurta-Pajama or simple western clothing  Pretend you're just visiting from another Indian or Punjab city (don't tell people you're from abroad as you can get overcharged for cheap things) Communicate in local Punjabi as much as possible or speak in an Indian accent if you can't. But some NRI's have accents that give it away easily.  Bargain when you're buying things (apart from food places or if the shop specifically says "fixed price"). Bargaining is great and you can bring down the price by half.  Lastly, just enjoy your stay, there's a lot of history to explore in Punjab too apart from the mainstream/popular places like Wagah border, Harmandir Sahib or Chandigarh.  
    • Flipping 'ell: She had a son.   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11878435/Chilling-moment-honeytrap-killer-lies-son-not-come-home.html
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