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Sikhism On Vegan ?


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55 minutes ago, BSingh87 said:

As Singhni Miri Piri has stated, it shows weakness in Sikhi if Guru Sahib believed that. Guru Sahib has shown numerous times in his life that sikhi doesn't hold a place for weak human insticts and survival. In JKVLondon's example, I would accept death by starvation happily knowing I had no access to vegetation. No Sikh should be afraid of death. 

All your claims about Guru Sahib allowing meat is false. All these stories are made up. A "Sikh" who kills an animal is no Gursikh but just a person dressed up as a Sikh. This type of person will be punished in the afterlife for harming animals without doubt.

I don't eat and would have to find a really serious reason to even consider given I know from my childhood that Guru's sikhs ate every last plant and blade of grass in Chamkaur before even thinking of harming their horses and animals this of course gives me pause because we know his own sons did not eat for months ...I too would not be scared of death if I was doing such sewa. 

Personally I belueve the whole of bibek buddhi is vital in the current GMO , poison filled faux food scene even I would say this should extend to vaccines if you want to have healthy future generations .

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On ‎03‎/‎09‎/‎2016 at 4:02 AM, Guest honest dave said:

Could you please explain?




also in reply to singhni and preeet, Satgur Gobind Singhji and his singhs hunted. Doesn't Rattan singhs granth say when guru sahib entered banda bahadurs home/place of stay he told the singhs to jhatka the goats and make food?

Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji tells us the Guru hunted.  Fanatics on both sides tried to add their own twist on why the Guru hunted.  Vegetarians fanatics say the Guru hunted because the animals were terrorizing the locals and he did not hunt for the meat.  The meat eaters fanatics say Guru Sahib hunted for the meat. 

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14 hours ago, Singhni MiriPiri said:

Guru Granth Sahib Jee is direct from Guru Sahib and has spoken against meat. Historians are not above Guru Sahib and most likely twist things to suit their weak and evil needs. 

You don't see the life in plants as your Guru has told you in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.  You have not developed the eyes to see the life in plants.  Do no use Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji as your personal weapon.  Gurmukhs from DamDami Taksal have clearly stated Jhatka was practiced and accepted in Sikhi.  This is coming from a jatha that says to be vegetarian.  However this practice like many have been abused.  The vegetarians abuse plants and the meat lovers abuse the jhatka system.  Both do it for their tongue. 


This goes against Guru Granth Sahib Jee, which is Guru Sahib’s word. So most likely, what the historians have made sikhs to believe, is false.

But if what you say is true (which I do not believe to be), this would show a weakness in sikhi. And also show sikhs in our history had normal attributes of a human because they fell prey to their weak instincts. A real sikh of Guru Gobind Singh Jee has the guns of Vaheguru or would at least practice the guns of Vaheguru. Killing another innocent being is an act of tyranny and is actually the same as muslims. Innocent animals are not asking for liberation but these Sikhs feel that they need to force and kill them to liberate them. This is the same motive behind a muslim when they murder non-believers.

  Jhatka does not go against Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.  You are making things up for your belief system.  Jhatka as a last resort for source of food is accepted.  The yogis sit for decades without food or water in meditation.  Therefore according to you Sikhi and Sikhs of the past had human instincts of eating food and were weak because they could not survive on only air like the yogis.  Your argument is ridiculous.  Is not a plant an innocent being of Akal Purakh?  What crime did the plant commit, that it deserves to be cut up, boiled and eaten?  Who made you judge, jury, and executioner of plant life.  Stop this fanatical rampage.  The other side is also making outrageous claims of giving mukhti to animals, as somehow he's got this Shakti; just for the taste of the tongue.  The Singhs in Hazur Sahib are chopping up goats for their tongue.  The nihangs are running around claiming to be warriors but their leaders are bought by Badal, including Baba Nihal Singh.   

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I'm well aware of plants being alive, just as many other things are that we cannot see with the human eye. But Gurbani has highly disapproved of meat consumption and even likened those that eat meat to a goblin and beast. To one day say you do not eat meat, but then another eat meat purely for the act of survival shows a weakness as one could not abide by Guru sahib's words. 

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Guest LolWhat

Veganism is stupid


/end of topic




Nah but for tha realz. Its better to be vegan than consume unethical dairy. If you can, source and purchase raw grass fed organic dairy. Its good for you and it has always been a part of the Sikh diet from the Guru's time

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9 hours ago, Singhni MiriPiri said:


I'm well aware of plants being alive, just as many other things are that we cannot see with the human eye. But Gurbani has highly disapproved of meat consumption and even likened those that eat meat to a goblin and beast. To one day say you do not eat meat, but then another eat meat purely for the act of survival shows a weakness as one could not abide by Guru sahib's words. 

You have provided nothing new in this post.  You keep repeating the same old anti gurmat arguments.  If you were well aware of the life in plants, then you would not put forward the argument; animals are living beings, so don't eat them.  You are clearly a vegetarian fanatic.  If you want to talk about Gurbani, then present the shabads.  Many fanatical liberals present the argument how Gurbani does not say to keep hair uncut.  They have one tuk of Bhagat Kabir ji, which they twist.  Yet when presented with another pankti of Bhagat Kabir ji.  These fanatical liberals start covering their women ears, hoping and wishing they don't uses the same illogical interpretation for whether to wear clothing.  The vegetarians are using the same nonsense to say meat is prohibited in Gurbani.   

Vaheguru has given us many things to eat.  Animals will be a last resort and their is a higher purpose to serve, like protect Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, when surrounded by the enemy.  Such strict rules are given around meat because it carries higher karmic weight.  

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Jesus, Mary and Joseph! So many posts over the weekend!

I couldn’t reply as I was busy making chicken curry with a Sri Lankan twist and feeding insecure, weak-minded Sikhs. I’d be happy to share the recipe.

On 03/09/2016 at 1:12 AM, Singhni MiriPiri said:

Wow. "Poor old chatanga"?! Seems like you are now devoid of compassion.

Call it what you like but you are still a senseless murderer to me. And your actions are equivalent to a Muslim.

Anyway, we have our own opinions.

Yes, I am devoid of compassion. I commend that’s what you took away from my posts with your level headedness.

I provided a very rational argument which your fanaticism stopped you from understanding. Instead of taking the opportunity to counter any of my points you just provided emotional drivel. We could have had a good debate.

You keep saying it’s cruel and evil and un-Sikh yet have failed to explain how. For God’s sake there is no suffering involved with Jhatka, that’s the whole point of it! No one is harming anyone or anything! No one is being uncompassionate! Why can’t you comprehend this?!

And you can’t use that “taste of the tongue” rubbish. What about everything both vegetarians and meat eaters do and take part in for the pleasures and tastes of the mind? All those things which are destructive to the environment, cause global warming, and just blatantly ruin Dharti Maa, which, I should add, indirectly kills wildlife, and humans for that matter?

If you cannot take the above into mind then you are guilty of having hypocrisy of the highest level, and ignorant.

You have also failed to respond to my tabla and rabaab comment; who provides these materials???

If Guru Ji “likened those that eat meat to a goblin and beast” then who on earth would provide those valuable materials? By your logic Guru Ji wasn’t going to procure those materials from people who Jhatka goats because they’re goblins and beasts and certainly wouldn’t be able take anything off them for use in the Darbaar.

What options does that leave?? Kill goats for a few bits of their body? What a waste that would be!

The above is pretty much proof that Jhatka wasn’t taboo nor was it the capital crime you claim it to be.

If you can’t agree, then all vegetarian/vegan Sikhs are hypocrites by your lofty standards because....."eating meat is wrong in Sikhi but challo we still need animal parts for the Darbaar and the multitude of things in our everyday lives. But lol do you wanna know a secret...we're allowed to turn a blind eye to those things! And it's not like it's our Paap hey!"

Exactly the level of hypocrisy the Brahmins had which Guru Ji spoke about.

You decided to resort to personal insults by saying my actions are equivalent to a Muslim. I was going to ask you to elaborate, but then I realised that the very fact you would make such a laughable insult showed that you are well and truly brainwashed.

I’m about as much of a murderer probably as much as you are the RSPCA’s #1 sevak.

Anyway, I think you’d make an excellent CEO of an organisation for goat welfare. I took the time to brainstorm some names for this org:

Pakhandi Sikhs for Goats

Society for the Conservation of Goats

Goat Welfare Trust

World Goat Federation

Goat Defence League

Forum of Goat Conservationists

Goat Lives Matter (#goatlivesmatter)



This is my last post to you.

Jai Jhatka Di



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I am not speaking about uncut hair, but we already have Rehatnama for this. But for meat, Gurbani has clearly spoken against it, but yet we still have Sikhs questioning this. This isn’t something solely I believe; you should know there are many Gursikhs against all meat entirely. I believe in Guru Sahib’s word, and that is all that matters. 

ba[n]dhae chasam dheedha[n] fanaae ||
dhuna[n]aeeaa muradhaar khuradhanee gaafal havaae || rehaao ||
gaibaan haivaan haraam kusathanee muradhaar bakhoraae ||
dhil kabaj kabajaa kaadharo dhojak sajaae ||2||
O human being, whatever you can see with your eyes, shall perish.
The world eats dead carcasses, living by neglect and greed. ||Pause||
Like a goblin, or a beast, they kill and eat the forbidden carcasses of meat.
So control your urges, or else you will be seized by the Lord, and thrown into the tortures of hell. ||2||

baedh kathaeb kehahu math jhoot(h)ae jhoot(h)aa jo n bichaarai ||
sabh mehi eaek khudhaae kehath ho tho kio muragee maarai ||1||
Do not say that the Vedas, the Bible and the Koran are false. Those who do not contemplate them are false.
You say that the One Lord is in all, so why do you kill chickens? ||1||

kal hoee kuthae muhee khaaj hoaa muradhaar ||
koorr bol bol bhoukanaa chookaa dhharam beechaar ||
jeeva[n] dhiaa path nehee mueiaa ma(n)dhee soe ||
likhiaa hovai naanakaa karathaa karae s hoe ||1||
In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, people have faces like dogs; they eat rotting carcasses for food.
They bark and speak, telling only lies; all thought of righteousness has left them.
Those who have no honor while alive, will have an evil reputation after they die.
Whatever is predestined, happens, O Nanak; whatever the Creator does, comes to pass. ||1||

kabeer khoob khaanaa kheecharee jaa mehi a(n)mrith lon ||
haeraa rottee kaaranae galaa kattaavai koun ||188||
Kabeer, the dinner of beans and rice is excellent, if it is flavored with salt.
Who would cut his throat, to have meat with his bread? ||188||

kabeer bhaa(n)g maashhulee suraa paan jo jo praanee khaa(n)hi ||
theerathh barath naem keeeae thae sabhai rasaathal jaa(n)hi ||233||
Kabeer, those mortals who consume marijuana, fish and wine
- no matter what pilgrimages, fasts and rituals they follow, they will all go to hell. ||233||

saev keethee sa[n]thokheeea[n] aee jinhee sacho sach dhhiaaeiaa ||
ounhee ma(n)dhai pair n rakhiou kar sukirath dhharam kamaaeiaa ||
ounhee dhuneeaa thorrae ba(n)dhhanaa a(n)n paanee thhorraa khaaeiaa ||
thoo[n] bakhaseesee agalaa nith dhaevehi charrehi savaaeiaa ||
vaddiaaee vaddaa paaeiaa ||7||
Those who serve are content. They meditate on the Truest of the True.
They do not place their feet in sin, but do good deeds and live righteously in Dharma.
They burn away the bonds of the world, and eat a simple diet of grain and water.
You are the Great Forgiver; You give continually, more and more each day.
By His greatness, the Great Lord is obtained. ||7||

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