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Need help with condition


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1 hour ago, Babbar_Singhsta said:

I did some some CBD spray just the pain for a while


It started in India and they put me on a six month course of the following med:


Kefir milk and kombucha was helping. It started in November when I went to go get engaged, and bas shuru hogaya. I haven't and health problems before! I'm 30 and eat a OK ish diet, not fully healthy and not fully junked. I used to workout 5-6 times a week with martial arts and strength training and some yoga prior to having this.


The stress and trauma thing is most likely right, I haven't had the easiest life I guess. I'm waiting to be seen by the NHS back in england now... I did try some desi medicine from a hakeem but had the runs pretty bad with it and thus stopped.  


I've got an older relative with this condition. They didn't understand it much back then (not sure if they do now?)

Stress plays a big part. Simran plays its part in reducing this, so keep that up. Lower that heart rate and let go of everything to help your body promote healing.

You want to go for anti-inflammatory compounds such as huldhee milk (always with some fat and black pepper), cannabinoids can potentially help too with their anti-inflammatory effects.

Are you still on the probiotic stuff, kefir and kombucha? 

I think these things need to be tackled with a multi-pronged approached.       


Watch out for exercises that put too much strain on your lower body for a while perhaps?

What was happening in the run up to diagnosis? Did it only manifest in the run up to the wedding?

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