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Ringleader Dhaliwal


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10 minutes ago, puzzled said:

I can't believe that!   this h@ramda deserves life in jail. When he gets gang raped behind bars by pakis then he might understand what he put that child through.   Absolutely disgusting sub human.   

You really can't trust anyone these days basically 

I don't believe that people like this operate without at least some people around them having an inkling about what they are up to myself. 

First thing: who an apna keeps as company can be indicative. If I knew of an apna hanging around a bunch of sleazy bundhay of the type listed as his co-defendants here, I'd take a wild guess that he is a either sleazy himself or gullible to a high extreme. 

By now, we should have cottoned on the fact that the usual grooming suspects use all manner of strategies to break down the guard of their prey and that does include befriending apnay who are young, don't know better, or are lacking confidence to the extreme that they will jump on any sign of friendship (real or faked) or are deviant themselves. 

What shocks here is that the Dhaliwal fella was apparently the ring leader!

One thing I've learnt over the years is that sociopaths are more common in society than we think (these are essentially people who for some reason do not possess the ability to feel remorse or empathy, either through genetic dispositions or through abuse whilst younger - or sometimes a mixture of the two?). They are adept at hiding their true nature in elaborate ways. We have these people amongst our community as does everyone else. Their nature means that they will not accept any consequences of their actions as long as they get what they want. 

I think (as a community) we've done a reasonable job of keeping sexual predators in check. But I remember an old uni Psychology lecturer (who was an expert in sexual abuse) telling me that these types are extremely devious in covering their tracks through a facade that portrays them as almost abnormally upright pillars of the community - think Saville, Cosby and various other members of the political establishment in the UK (Cyril Smith, Leon Briton, Lord Boothby). Personally this is where I think a lot of overly pious apnay (especially in the Amritdhari community) cock up majorly. They will start to deify anyone that projects a really pious persona; which is exactly how the pedos in the Roman Catholic church got away with so much. 

Are people telling me that Dhaliwal hanging around with a bunch of 'street' p**is wasn't a red flag!?!?

When are we going to get more astute about these things?

All of us have to hone our instincts about deceiving predators (and not just the sexual type). And then teach this to the younguns.  Personally I think this was one of the purposes (amongst many) of Charitrio Pakyaan btw. 

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If this sh!t continues then singhs are gnna start having a hard time here!  these people don't think of anything.  deprived janwars 

this was in the news a few weeks ago as well, i posted it in the gupt section 


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