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Kissing in public


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Guest PuzzledSingh
On 12/12/2018 at 3:31 AM, Guest Stop Homophobia said:

No brother lostconfusedsingh. We support you as a homosexual brother

Thanks brother i will always support homosexual individual rights.

Thats really nice to support me as a homosexual brother cos i do feel like a bi sexual most of the time lol !!!


But i am always on the side with homosexuals !!

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Guest AnandpurExhile
On 12/11/2018 at 12:26 AM, puzzled said:

What's your view on sikhs kissing in public? Is it acceptable or not?  Is there anything in sikhi which indicates it's wrong to do that?

I personally wouldn't do that, iv had a traditional upbringing and that the way I am. 

But is it right or wrong? 

Kissing is public is definitely a no no but fearing an ungli is OK.... deleted

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you are trying to mix western culture with sikh/panjabi culture, because you assume everything western is 'right'.

i think you know the answer.   maybe you should look up decorum.  

why would anyone want to kiss in public anyway?  its perverse attention seeking basically.

also, whats with all the creepy trolls trying to infect this board with their vile 'liberalism'.  even creepier they seem like non-sikhs.  

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I dont like the slurping noises either    people need to get a grip of what they do in public.

A few weeks back I was walking through the highstreet, directly in front of me walking towards me were this Punjabi couple in their 30s  both were butt ugly, they saw me and decided to stop walking, kiss each other on the lips, and then look at me and then continue walking again.  What the hell was that about? Like F off with you bold egg head and your ugly wife .

Why did they feel the need to kiss in front of me, then turn around to look at my reaction lol they didn't get a reaction because the second they kissed with their crusty lips I looked away.   What were they trying to prove? 


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