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media brainwashing

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38 minutes ago, jkvlondon said:

bill gates went to 'eradicate polio' in India which had been declared polio free since 2013 by WHO and UN  bodies     , what he did was inoculate poor children in India and Pakistan and left a wake of paralysed children  because he used the more dangerous  version . and for this he was given money by UN , USA, and  India in the millions . Next He turned to tribal areas and tested out HPV vaccines known to cause permanent sterility and neurological damage on  young girls and boys , all with GOI's blessings  (read ethnic cleansing). If you follow the money Bill had moved most of his wealth from tech to Pharma stock specifically to the vaccine manufacturers who were going to be making the stocks for his programs ....insider trading much

we maybe had  8 shots total growing up , if you count each vaccine disease seperately if you were born in the period of the 1960s to the early 1980s  . then it was increased to about 21 for those born in the nineties  now in the Uk its gone up to nearly 30 doses between birth and sixteen.

in the US however a child will take 69 doses of vaccines in that same time period 0-16 and the head of the CDC has said you could inoculate a child with 1000 doses and nothing would happen to them ....to say that the CDC FDA and Pharma are partners  would be understating it . the FDA and CDC do NO indpendent reviews or testing they just trust the manufacturers who by Law cannot be sued by families with damages or deaths from their product , the taxpayer compenstates via secret court the settlement cannot be appealed or if not made cannot be brought to media attention. So there is a lot of lies and money involved .

Bill Gates, like other "self-made" billionaires is a useful fool/puppet to the world elite. In generic terms you could call them the Illuminati. Whoever we think is running the show here on Earth, there is always probably one level above them who call the shots. They're basically mafias, who all have more or less the same agenda, but they want to be the ones who run the game, so to speak.

The CDC, FDC, 'Big Pharma' are all just fingers of the same hand, pretending to be authorities. Real science is suppressed.

All vaccines are useless garbage designed to poison your child. I have a strong suspicion that those same folk who say you could inoculate your child 1000 times have not even given a single dose to their own kids. Many doctors would gladly recommend vaccines, chemo, bs medicine to patients under the stamp of it being the "gold-standard" approach to medicine, but at the same time would not even think of prescribing the same methods to their selves/families.

This world is run on BS pretending to be logic.

I went to a stupid doctor today who would not even give me a prescription to a more natural and logical approach to treating a condition I have. She basically at first had no idea what I was referring to, steps out the office for two minutes then comes back and says its contraindicated for people with my condition... I ask her to show me her source, and the same medicine she prescribed me is also contraindicated for my situation. It's all about the kickbacks for these fools, she was an apni too. Not that that matters, stupidity runs through the veins of almost every human alive today, whether they think they're smart and educated or they know the extent of their ignorance. Now I'm waiting a week for my family doctor so I can basically prescribe it to myself.

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