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West Midlands Police = enemy of the Sikh nation

Guest Jigsaw_Puzzled_Singh

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On ‎7‎/‎9‎/‎2019 at 10:18 PM, GuestSingh said:

Sikh Youth UK Official statement on recent sevadaar arrests

On the morning of July 3rd 2019 two members of our team were arrested by the West Midlands Police Counter-Terror Unit in Birmingham. The Sikh Youth UK team would like to officially clarify our thoughts and position regarding these arrests to provide clarity on the situation.

Firstly, the entire SYUK team would like to thank the sadh sangat, Sikh organisations, Gurdwareh representatives and University Sikh Socieities that showed us support through this period. The immense support, which includes people doing Paath and Ardasa for us, has been overwhelming and means more to us than anything else going on around this incident.

In regards to the arrests, we are not surprised and have been expecting them for a long time. The West Midlands Police are known for their underhanded tactics; from threatening people they arrest to mocking anti-racism movements (1) to the fact that Asian and Black officers being four times more likely to be suspended by the force, these facts show us what often drives their so-called policing.

In regards to our case specifically, we are well aware what has driven the WMP Counter-Terrorism Unit actions against us. Our team have been very vocal on the case of Jagtar Singh Johal and the #FreeJaggiNow campaign. Through those directly communicating with Jaggi, we learnt that pictures of UK Sikh activists – which included our own Deepa Singh – were shown to Jaggi to establish who to target in relation to the campaign in his name. It was soon found these pictures were ones that only the WMP could have provided to the Indian authorities.

With Jaggi facing torture and constant mental abuse, once it was established that those shown to him were important to the #FreeJaggiNow campaign, the West Midlands Police Counter-Terrorism Unit began targeting five Sikhs, which started with raids last year in September and ended with property being taken, no arrests made and the beginning of pressure and harassment against those part of or affiliated with the SYUK team.

Indian media (in posts we will not be sharing) soon began to boast about the ‘diplomatic pressure’ which was used to enforce the raids against Sikh activists. Indian authorities’ actions against Sikhs that speak out about their human rights abuses is well known. Yet, this did not stop WMP working at their behest, in a collusion that seems to go up to the highest levels of government. All of this has been backed up by the findings of lawyer Gareth Peirce, who spoke about it in parliament (3).

The WMP completely ignored questions put to them about these raids by us, other Sikh organisations and even media. Because of this treatment, it was decided between a conglomerate of Sikh organisations that police presence in a promotional capacity would be banned at Sikh events.

We are also aware that throughout all these incidents Sikh officers in the WMP have been constantly pressured into working against Sikh activists, particularly against SYUK. This push towards division in the community shows contempt for all Sikhs.

For the last year, at several different events, WMP officers and others have been forced to leave Sikh events after sangat made clear they were not welcome to promote their organization whilst the issues surrounding the raids remain undealt with.

As such, the WMP have been looking to defame SYUK. The fact a Counter-Terror Unit raid has led to a Charities Commission inquiry highlights just how hard this has been for them. Furthermore, their targeting of a 49-year-old female that does nothing more than behind the scenes seva for SYUK highlights just how far they are willing to go against us. This sister was intimidated and mistreated throughout the ordeal of being arrested. The needless aggression shown against her was an attempt to send a message to our entire team.

The fact that within minutes of the arrests the news was in the media also highlights the intention of the WMP Counter-Terror Unit. They have not only shown they don’t care about prejudicing any possible trials, they have mainly shown they wish to use the media to tarnish the reputation of SYUK team, who serve the Sikh community.

By placing the thought in the mind of those that follow our work that funds we raised could have been misused, WMP, along with their support from the Charities Commission and of course Indian authorities, have attacked the part of us that carries most power; our support from the sangat.

If you would like us to clarify anything regarding this smear campaign then please feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting and discussion. We have always been open and accessible to the public. We have already and will continue to hold meetings to speak with Sikh organisations and sangat about this situation.

We will continue to take a stand for what is right and what is best for the Sikh community. In doing so, we only seek the support of Akaal Purakh VaheGuru.

(1) - https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/jul/11/west-midlands-police-officer-disciplined-for-comments-caught-on-camera

(2) - https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/black-and-asian-officers-in-west-midlands-police-almost-four-times-more-likely-to-be-suspended-from-10226855.html

(3) - https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1983464698617581

Thank you bhaji. The SYUK youtube channel wasn't giving any info

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2 hours ago, chatanga1 said:

Don't let them get away with it.

Any call to boycott government jobs in the UK or USA or Canada is the wrong action.  We as a Sikh community want fairness and equality for all.  These are the type of people that need to be in positions of government.   Many Sikhs are taking government jobs and making a change.  This needs to continue and this will lead to progress. 

What we are lacking in is Gurmat teachings.   If every Sikh read one ang of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji everyday.  We as a group will flourish.  Gurbani is the backbone of the Khalsa panth and we have forgotten to focus our attention here.  Instead we get mad and physically get out in the street and do something thoughtless.   Deal with these corrupt Government agencies through the court.  Government is made up of people and people will always make mistakes and oppress the minority groups. The officials in the government will always support their kind and special interests groups.  India is a special interest group of UK.  Bring law suits against specific officials in the government that are targeting Sikhs for being Sikhs.  These officials can only handle so much pressure before they break and they appoint another person in that position.   Then continue to chase the next group of officials and it will put these officials on their heels.  If we do something dramatic like physically attack.  Then they got us on our heels and we are backed in a corner.  Always corner these guys and they are mimicking instead of on the offensive.  

Get human right activists to join in on the fight.  


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Guest Lucky Luciano

Be careful what you say they are watching these forums.    BTW. Trump is great. A true rabb da banda. The UK police are also great,...just a few bad apples and maybe a couple of pork scratchings.

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The press, the judiciary, the political structure, the police... all compromised from top to bottom; all feeding the same diabolical objectives. These are the same power structures that will be used to oppress and crush dissent in the truest sense of these words the not so distant future. Treasure the semblance of the illusion of freedom we have at the moment, because it's not going to last.

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Guest guestKaur17

lol are you guys living in cloud9?! we are talking about islamic republic UK..west midland police and police all over keep gang rapists safe for decads nobody can say a word and jihads walking around streets freely tommy robinson jailed...there is twitter account for a telford suruvior who was raped by pakistani gangs..she says they been threatening her for exposing them, shes living in fear isolated..the police dont care its terrifying...

gangs rapists protected...what police what are you going to fight the police for...?! its a islamic apologist country...politics poilce media...what future is there here?! best to leave country ...no joke there is absolute nothing for our future Sikhs girls boys being converted to islam..

Bottom line is..UK destroyed Sikh nation, played part in 1984, we sacrificed countless Sikhs during the Wars..what did we get...girls being raped while Sikhs get jailed targeted etc...nothing we can do..(and those far left socialists islamic aplogists like sunny hundal milking it) 

Best to leave this country..

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    • Sikh Reddit is pathetic, it’s run by a fat POS.  It’s natural to want a virgin if you’re a virgin yourself, so I don’t blame u. Especially when you’re religious and following Sikhi, it just feels so wrong to be w/ someone who is not a virgin.  As a woman it’s easy to find a virgin man b/c any man who tells you he is a virgin is 99% not lying lol. But I understand it is harder to find a virgin woman since ur a man. Since ur in the west it’s gonna be 100% even harder, as only 4% of woman are virgins at marriage in the west. Nowadays there are more virgin men than women. A lot of women will also lie to get a good quality partner, they know deep down men want a clean partner so they’ll lie.  Since ur in the west, u have to be very careful. Honestly my best advice to anyone reading this is u just gotta have common sense. Many men don’t, they’re pretty dumb and easily fall in love based on looks and lies. U don’t wanna be a dumb ***** who’s w/ a woman that’s been with the entire city, nor do u wanna be the dude paying this chick alimony, etc (women w/more sexual partners tend to correlate w/higher risk for divorce). U gotta sus out how she is in her day to day life. Dig into her background. Does she often go out, does she have many male friends, are there any stories about her past. If she has lots of luxury items and what not and is always going out, does she work hard for them by working jobs. If she’s velli and always doing that, that’s sus. A lot of women partake in much more expensive things than men and have lots of things b/c they have some simp or beta orbiter paying them, usually in exchange for some lewd things. The number of women I’ve met thruout the years doing this was insane, like even the ones I thought were angelic ones. furthermore does she have a history of smoking or doing drugs, think about how old is she? The older she is the less likely she is to be a virgin. Did she go to a uni, what kind of uni did she go to and what did she study? Women acquire their most number of sexual partners during uni. Is she a woman that doesn’t like the fact ur a virgin or isn’t as into u because of that? Red flag because a virgin woman would want a virgin man so she can feel more comfortable. There’s lots of memes that women prefer “Chad men with high body count” b/c it shows that they’re experienced but nah, that’s just b/c the majority of women are not virgins lol. Does she spend all her day on social medias like Instagram or Snapchat or Twitter or whatever? Know that there are many men in her DMs most likely. a woman should be willing to delete her socials for u if she truly loves u. The best person for a relationship is a person with no socials. Another tip is how does she speak and dress around family or outside?. Is her family conservative or liberal? Whenever she does goes out is she usually with her family? i can write more questions for u to think about but honestly it’ll be depressing for u. The true reality is you are most likely NOT going to end up with a virgin (the only way to know is if she bleeds ur first night, even the most repulsive and vile of Sikh/Punjabi women don’t pursue hymenoplasties such as Middle eastern women do, so u should be good). You are most likely NOT going to be with a woman who is obsessed with u and loves u deeply, is willing to do anything for u, many men simp for and obey their women these days and not the other way around. You are likely NOT going to end up in a happy marriage, over 6/10 married couples hate their marriage statistically.  U just gotta keep your hopes up. If u do end up getting married to a witch, there’s not much u can do. Think of ur children and care for them deeply. Be a good man, etc. 
    • I’ve seen lots of alt communities or whatever inquire “which religion is the most tolerant, which is the most accepting, which will accept me as a LGBTQASHFKRLIV148959+, which will accept me because I’ve sinned, which will accept me bc I’m literally a pedo,  which will accept bc I’m a furry” literally stupid things like this and guess what everyone usually replies with. ”Sikhi” the whole modernization thing is a joke, just stick to ur roots. Stop promoting the religion as some kind of charity free for all accepting of all sins and degenerates type religion. Just filth will join the religion then, it’s already happening. The leaders and youth of Sikhi are such a massive joke.
    • Lol this is so common. This is the average wedding. Plus nowadays auntiyaan and young girls are dressing half naked in lenghas and saris and stuff or literally sometimes even a western dress. Men freely dance with women. Plus they hire some naked belly dancer or hire some Bhangra team dancing like monkeys at ur wedding. It’s awful. I assume it’s Punjabi culture. Let’s not mention all the men getting drunk and trying to hit on the women at the weddings.  So many young folks skip the gurudwara wedding too because it’s boring and they can’t get lit even though that’s the main part of the wedding & most important. Amritdhari men and women are less likely to engage in such activities tho, I don’t see them doing this, when they get invited to such weddings they sit in the corner and refuse to engage or dance and such.  I’m marrying into a non Punjabi family and me and my partner went to a Sikh wedding recently because he’s never experienced one and he was shocked and said he thought Sikhs were way more conservative.
    • I hate the way people throw money. It's usually a manmukh tradition to show how wealthy you are and you can just throw rupees around. It's nothing more than showing off.
    • While drinking alcohol is never a good thing, hearsay about such things may be unreliable. The fact is, at wedding receptions, everybody goes: children, drinkers, and non-drinkers. Obviously, there are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available. Are the aunties absolutely sure the uncles were drinking whiskey?
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