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Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

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On 7/31/2019 at 7:02 PM, Punjabi_Link said:

Africa, Latin America and women living in Muslim countries (mainly Saudi Arabia and surrounding areas).  

Sikhi message of equality and fighting oppression will appeal in those regions. 


South Africa could be a great place. The sad thing is we are small religion in terms of numbers yet we dont have any big missionary organisation. Apart from basics of Sikhi. Which seems to have come to a standstill since jagraj passed away. 

We need to set up a big organisation that can do parchaar all over the world. 

Yet our leaders dont have a clue. 

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    • whose agenda does it serve to sideline Deepa and the other sewadars of sikh youth uk?? GOI - no mention of Jaggi will remain WMP - valuable scalps to present 'traditional' sikh organisations - can let diaspora fall back to sleep We may not like the thuggish soch but truth is if they even encourage a handful of youth to look up history, sikhi  etc it may be a positive thing.
    • Nice brov, never seen sun emblem with a moustache though lol
    • I'm QA test manager,  so if you need testing can help, I tested mvc/angular currently working with php. Used selenium and other testing technologies.  But can help punjabi translations with testing in codeceptjs, c# and tutorials with postman.
    • Wow nobody else did childish acts in their teens, I dont know these people, get the children to apologise,  why you making a mountain out of mole hill. We have more serious issues to give our energy too.
    • To what you said, I agree. He is a top sewadar for the youth & grooming situation at times, his mind set is kinda there BUT I’m not trying to bash his organisation or him. I’m trying to tell the youth who run after him what his really about aswell.. if you live in Midlands (UK) you will know the people he has around him and there antics in the past years at events can not be accepted, if your the face of a organisation who does so much good sewa you have to shuffle the group up (like if you was a government party and the leader wasn’t performing etc they step down). It’s putting Sikhi down, Deepa Singh should of made a video I feel not have a statement made that he is a hypocrite because when it suits him he takes hukam from a random Panj Singh, which should of been shared. The other problem is that with when someone is getting found out all there other antics are coming out, I feel that’s wrong it should of been tackled when it happened as this situation is getting dealt with now.  I love my Sikhi but it’s 2019 the people who are egotistic are getting squashed.. if you feel Deepa is going good I believe you think the Jathedar are doing good too.  I’ve met Deepa, talked & it’s like talking to a militant group which we don’t really need now because that’s al qaeda & we know how that ends & gets portrayed.  Bhul Chuk Maaaf

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